Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Active and rainy weather for the NW part of Puerto Rico. Normally there is nothing to do regarding the flights but wait for another day with better conditions. But sometimes, it turns out that the rain recedes (around 4 PM) and in the Coloso Valley it gets very good to fly the Sunset. Of course, if you can take off (and land) in wet terrain and in Zero wind conditions. Well this is what happened today …

So, Luis Ruiz contacted the pilot Danis Rodríguez to accompany him. He is on vacation on the island and is staying in Anasco and quickly was ready for the adventure. At about 5:50 PM, both arrived at the grounds of Greonier Acevedo, cousin of Luis in Mamey. There was the perfect climate and of course, the challenges. This was a good test for Danis, who has been flirting with her fifth flight-level star for some time now. He only needed to be able to take off at Zero wind, and what better place and challenge than this….💪

After the rigorous preparations, and assisted by Luis, Danis left by the “Front Launch” method to fly throughout the Valley. Luis accompanied him a few minutes later. Both were flying throughout the Valley for about 45 minutes. Landing on wet grass and zero wind, was also another challenge for Danis, but he also managed to do it with excellence.

Danis Front Launch at Cero Wind Conditions.

Aterisaje coloso aguada

Posted by Danis Rodriguez on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Moment of Land in Humid Terrain.

Seguimos esta ves!

Posted by Danis Rodriguez on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Luis flying over Coloso Old and Abandoned Sugar Plant.

Congratulations Danis, and now a true Sports Ambassador. Congratulations!!!🙏😀

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