Thursday, August 06, 2020

Of those days that arise without planning, today was a great day for Paramotor sports on the island. We started by indicating that we did this activity today Thursday (Weekday) in Isabela since it was the best day that looked like in terms of the weather. Several students had come to Isabela last Monday afternoon but conditions were not good.

Thus, we started arriving early, Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Danis Rodríguez, José “TNT” Villanueva, Ariel Rodríguez and his grandson Derick, Omar Colon and his daughters, Charles Riggs and his son Evan.

The wind pleasantly stayed between 12 to 15 mph from the NE basically all day. Luis was making flights to people who came to Live the Experience of the flight in Paramotor. Adelaida and Ricardo were taking their introductory flights early in the morning. In Ricardo’s case, it was his birthday! They were both very happy with their experiences. Here we show the interviews from when they landed and their experiences.

Adelaida very emotional after Living the Experience!!!

Ricardo, “Touch & Go” in front of Friends.

Ricardo reaction after Living the Experience!!!

In addition to this, Luis also made a flight to Evan Riggs who, at the age of 14, is also approaching his first “solo” flight in Paramotor. After this we dedicate ourselves to the students of the school. Ariel, TNT, Derick, Evan and Omar who were practicing the control of paragliding on ground. Danis was assisting Luis in attending the students.

At one point we decided to give the green light to the students Omar Colon and Derick Castro (barely 14 years old!) To try their first “solo” flights in the Paramotor. Both were conducting very well controlling the paraglider and had the attitude of wanting to try the flight.

The first to put on the Paramotor to try to fly was Omar. It is worth mentioning that Omar barely has 3 days of “hard” training with the Paragliding. But he has a lot of skill, attitude, and good experience flying as a professional pilot. All this helped him to advance in great steps in his learning. After the instructions of rigor, attended directly by Luis and Danis, he had some problems to turn properly and we decided to take a Pause on his attempt.

We proceeded with the opportunity for Derick, who, following the advice and with the accumulated practice. He controlled the paraglider, turned and went flying for first time! He was flying for around 20 minutes in the surrounding area. Then Luis sent him down for a new opportunity for Omar. Derick’s landing was also very good. Both Derick and his grandfather Ariel were very happy with Derick’s feat. Congratulations 💪!!!

The moment of “Truth” narrated by Ariel Rodriguez.

Derick Reaction after Landing!!!

As for Omar, once Derick took off the Paramotor, he mounted on it on his way to his second chance of the day. This time he take things more calmly, and with a slightly smaller paraglider, he control and turn around and also made his first Paramotor “Solo” fly of his career . He was about 25 minutes in the air when it was his turn to go down. He was also very grateful for the help provided, and we will surely hear more from Omar in his progress in the sport 🙂.

At around 2:30 PM the wind picked up to over 20 mph +, so we decided to pick up. But the day’s work was done. Possible new students who discovered the sensation of flight, and 2 new students who are preparing to add more experiences to their lives. As always we thank God for all these opportunities that allow us to live 🙏.

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