Saturday, August 08, 2020

During the past few days the wind projections indicated that it would not be possible to fly this weekend. But a notification from Juan Carlos Correa that he was going to fly in Luquillo near his home, raised a flag for us and we made plans to accompany him. For the highest level pilots it was always possible to fly, and for the most novice students / pilots it would always be a good day to practice.

We decided to go to the place known as “La Pared” in Luquillo, where we had not attended for years. There, as expected from forecast, we found a clear sky with constant 15-18 mph winds coming from the NE. Ideal for flying the entire area (if you have the skill and correct equipment).

Little by little some pilots from the “Kamikazes” Team arrived. Saying present were Juan Carlos Correa and his son Jean Marcel, Luis Ruiz, Ariel Rodríguez and his grandson Derick, Alex Diaz, José Santini and Chelo Meléndez.

Flying during the day were Alex, JC and Luis, while Chelo, Derick, Ariel and Santini kept practicing with the paragliders. We had a great time, and the weather was much better than expected. There was even a small celebration for Derick’s first flight last week.

Alex Diaz Launch.

Juan Carlos Landing…

Derick Castro practicing in  High Winds Conditions.

“Touch & Go” from Luis Ruiz at “La Pared” Luquillo.

Toast for the First “Solo” Fly of Derick.

We left there at 4 PM. Probably we will have to return in the near future.

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