Saturday, August 15, 2020

As is our new “normal” in Puerto Rico and in the world. News of the Virus spreads everywhere. The virus does not stop and continues to affect people from all countries without any discrimination. Our Team Kamikazes has managed to carry out some activities, and only for those who can and want to attend…

The meeting point this time and taking into consideration the students of the Team, was Villa Pesquera Isabela. There one by one were arriving …

Luis Ruiz
Danis Rodriguez
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Ian Darrell González and his girlfriend Paola
Charles Riggs and his son Evan
Gabriel Martínez and his wife Arleen

The morning started clear, but the winds were strong and somewhat erratic as Danis and Luis corroborate when they flew up. Luis was showing the Paramotor experience to Mr. Edgar López who had traveled from Aguada to Live the Experience. As the day progressed, the weather began to compose despite the fact that the wind did not decrease in intensity.

Charles and Evan practiced early with the paragliders and shortly after they were accompanied by Ricardo. Meanwhile Luis was making another introductory flight, this time to Mercedes, Alberto’s wife. Both Mercedes and Edgar enjoyed so much their experiences. Once these flights were finished, Ian Darrell continued doing them. He took his girlfriend Paola for a fly trip. With this flight, Ian already has 5 introductory flights in his young career as Paramotor Tandem Pilot. Here some clips of the people Living the Experience in the Paramotor…

Edgar’s Reaction after his fly.

The Experience of Mercedes!!!

Ian and Paola flying together.

Luis and Mercedes in a Low pass…

In the afternoon, the pilots Danis, Ian and Gabriel (using his new Paramotor) take off and goes together in direction of Jobos Beach and its surroundings. They gave a nice show through the area and finally reach Villa Montaña, close to the Aguadilla municipality Border.

Danis showing Elegance in his Take Off.

On their way back, the pilots began to realize that the winds were increasing in intensity and it turned out that Gabriel, when approaching to Jobos Beach, was flying at low altitude, and the natural turbulence of Jobos caught him. The strong turbulence made him land on Jobos Beach before the eyes of those present. Within minutes the pilots Alberto, Ricardo and Luis were in the area providing assistance. Ian Darrell had also landed in “Poso of Jacinto” area to provide assistance. While Danis was flying over the area.

In the end it was all a big scare and Gabriel learned a great lesson in terms of turbulence. From there, we returned to Villa Pesquera and  decided to collect the equipment with plans to return tomorrow when the forecast indicate better fly conditions.

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