Sunday, September 13, 2020

After yesterday in Dorado, there was still energy and especially an excellent climate to fly. This time we went to the heavenly Villa Pesquera Isabela. Of some pilots who had indicated that they would fly, only Luis Ruiz and José Santini, who traveled from Fajardo, reached at the end.

Along with them, some tourists walked through the area to enjoy a bike tour or simply to breathe fresh air. This was the case of Don Santos, a native of Hormigueros, who according to his account is 71 years old and was there to exercise. And Miguel, who came to visit his family in Isabela to attend personal matters.

Both Miguel and Santos, upon seeing the flight activities, decided to sign up to live the Paramotor flight experience. This without any prior planning. Luis was giving the instructions of rigor to Santini. He finally went to fly in Paramotor for the second time in its history. Santini’s flight lasted a little over an hour and according to him, he learned a lot about everything related to the paramotor flight on that flight. Excellent!!!

Finally it was Santos and Miguel’s turn to fly with Luis. Here we share a small video of their experiences. It fills us with pride and satisfaction to do our bit, through sports, so that people can enjoy positive experiences in life. Each one arrives with their personal challenges and seeing their faces of joy fills us with emotion.

Launching time of Miguel, Living the Experience …👈

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