Sunday, December 06, 2020

We continue to fly practically every day of the week. And this Sunday could be the last Sunday of 2020 in which we meet due to the closing of Sundays due to the virus Pandemic 😑…

We meet in Parque del Norte, HATILLO. There we met with the Honorable Mayor of the City, Chely Rodríguez, who from time to time shares with us in our activities. It is not yet clear how to proceed with the operations due to the new restrictions, but he will let us know.

Many pilots from the Team Kamikazes family said present …

Ariel Rodríguez, his wife Wanda and grandchildren Derick Castro and Kenneth
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Eric Harthman and his wife Hertha
Omar Colon and his 2 daughters
David Garber and his wife Amara
Noel Vale and his wife Tata
José Rodríguez and his wife Vilma (possible student)
Jose Roberto Nieves
Sammy Badillo
Dimas Ruiz
Eric Betancourt

The flight activity was started by David Garber, who arrived at the activity flying in his Paramotor in a 30-minute flight from where he is residing in Isabela. After that, the family of pilots continue to arrive…

David Garber starting the activity!!!!

The next pilot to fly was Ariel. This time Derick was assisting in his takeoff. This time Ariel decided to fly high… and over the City of Hatillo, he surpassed the height of 2,000 ft. Ariel told us that no matter how much he flies, he always feels like the first day, in each of his flights 💪!!!

Ariel enjoying the view at 2,000ft + !!!
And now at 2,500 ft!!!!
Ariel Rodriguez, very happy with his experiences!!!

When Ariel released the Paramotor, it was Derick’s turn. He took Luis Ruiz’s sports paraglider, BGD Luna 2 to fly. He flew along with Roberto Nieves in a very long “Cross” fly along the entire coast until they reached the Colon Statue, on the border between Arecibo and Barceloneta (some 15 miles away flying upwind). Omar Colon choose not to fly, he was outside of the Island, and recent arrive back to the Island. He have a great time there sharing with his daughters and Kamikazes family.

👉Video “Live” of Jose Roberto Nieves flying the Coast of Arecibo👈

While this was happening, Sammy flew around demonstrating mastery together with Pablo that this time was using a Paramotor SkyMax Moster from Luis. David performed some scheduled Demo flights.

And speaking of scheduled Demo flights, today we had a special visit from some good friends. It is about Yamilka Burgos with her husband Miguel and several relatives. Yamilka’s father was well known in Ponce, where among his work, he also liked to fly a lot in a Power Parachute, taking Yamilka and relatives to fly with him at any opportunity they had. Now for long time he Rest in Peace, and both Yamilka and Miguel, had not experienced the flight again until today….

In some minutes, Luis Ruiz take charge and coordinate the fly of both, Miguel would go flying with David and Yamilka with Luis. Their emotions were evident. For Yamilka it was much more…, a trip to her memories with her father 🙏!!! There were a lot of feelings on both flights. And that’s what it’s all about. Changing the world with smiles and satisfaction if is possible 💪!!!!

Launching Time for Miguel and David Garber.
Luis Ruiz Low Pass flying with Yamilka.
Yamilka Burgos Experience!!!!

So, let’s talk about our students. I begin indicating that the young Eric Betancourt, made his second flight of his career today. His takeoff and landings were good, and very important is that we see him making a lot of progress in the way he flies and his decisions in the air. He gets better by the minute. Congratulations 💪!!!

Eric Betancourt Reaction after his 2nd Fly!!!

Then we came to Eric Harthman, who arrived accompanied by his wife, Hertha, waiting to see if today was the day he would finally make his first “solo” fly. After a rigorous practices, and the dialogue with Luis reviewing all the procedures, Eric made a couple of low-altitude flights by the “Towing” method, being pulled by Luis. But by then the wind dropped a bit of intensity and we could not make these flights as we would have liked. Later he tried to launch with a Paramotor a couple of times. It was close call for take off. But some details need to be corrected, and also the wind increased in intensity. So, we decided to postpone the flight attempt for the next days.

Luis was very happy with Eric’s progress, all the failures that arose today are necessary to happen. Eric will gain experience and surely be better prepared, possibly by next week 👏….

In the afternoon we slow down the pace. Jessica brought some food, and there were refreshments and we dedicated ourselves to enjoying the sea breeze and relaxing watching the afternoon fall.

We hope that the conditions around the world with the Pandemic improve. Had been a difficult year, and were fighting hard to keep bringing joy to everyone that come to us looking to feel and enjoy the freedom that provide the Fly.

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