Saturday, December 05, 2020

We continue with the typical adventures of this month. This time evaluating the weather conditions. We decided to go on the Boquerón morning flight. As always looking to fly the Lajas Valley when it is covered in mist, which makes it a magical place.

Luis Ruiz, David Garber, Danis Rodríguez, Sammy Badillo and Esteban Torres, accompanied by their father and son, got up early to try the flight.

The weather was perfect, and misty in the Valley. For this to happen it must have rained the day before. But this situation created the inconvenience of having to take off in limited, humid terrain and taking off in this situation was not guarantee to any pilot 😉…

The first to leave was David accompanied on his flight by Esteban Jr., who ran very strong until they could take off. These were followed by Luis, and a few minutes later Danis was also could do it.

In the case of Sammy, he took off, but a slip in his career caused him to fall and hurt his propeller a bit, so he preferred not to try again with that propeller. Esteban for his part tried on several occasions and could not get out 😑. (He later in the day manage to fly in other place, because he need to go back to New York tomorrow, so this was the last chance of his vacations).

The flight was as expected. Luis followed by Danis came to Lajas and spent a good time enjoying the majestic scenery that nature offered them. After this they flew the entire valley back and went over the town of Boquerón before proceeding to land.

Lajas Valley, Magical Place…
Majestic – Boqueron, Cabo Rojo
Danis reaction after Land.

Meanwhile, David took another route. He went around the Sierra Bermeja and took Esteban Jr. on his ride over the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, Combate Beach, and its surroundings. At one point they even climbed to over 3,000 feet in height before proceeding to land. Definitely for Esteban Jr., this will be a day well remembered 💪…

Reaction of David and Esteban Jr. after their fly…

After this, the day did not end there… it turns out that the “Kamikaze” girls Jessica Cruz and Millie Ramos coordinated the night before to prepare a small BBQ and family reunion at Luis and Jessica’s house. It was coordinated to start at noon.

This turned out to be a huge success. Very good activity to get rid of so many negative things that have affected us in this 2020. In addition to the hosts, were present, Ian Darrell and his girlfriend Paola, Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes, Noel Vale and his wife Tata, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Sammy Badillo, his wife Yari and son Ian, Denzen Almeyda, Berto García and David Garber with his wife Amara. All have a great time there 🙂.

Is very important to recognize the work and sacrifice so that everything turned out well on the part of Jessica and Millie 👏!!!, In addition, we must mention that Pablo brought some delicious shrimp skewers, in addition to the spicy sausages that he always prepares …, also, very grateful for the desserts and details brought by Alberto Sabah and Noel Vale. Thanks a lot 🙂!!!.

Part of the BBQ Activity!!!!

We finish at sunset, getting ready for tomorrow’s activity in Hatillo. Another excellent day, thank God 🙏!!!

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