Thursday, December 10, 2020

Taking advantage of excellent weather conditions. We decided to go this time to the Caracol de Dorado. Clear and E winds of 8-15 mph were the norm all day. When we arrived at the “Caracol” we found little space to be able to take off and land safely. We decided then to move to a nearby beach that is located one kilometer from the Caracol. It’s called “Unique Beach”. There we had the desired space for the good enjoyment of the sport with all the possible safety.

Pilots and friends presents in the area …

Alberto Sabah, his wife Mercedes and daughter Jessica
David Garber and his wife Amara
Brothers Adam and Samuel Travis
Ariel Rodríguez and his grandchildren
Omar Colon
Dave Hargett
Luis Ruiz
Jose Roberto Nieves

Within our healthy sharing, we had the visit of Mr. Dennis Ortiz, from the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), who gave us a small seminar and orientation on the regulations that we must watch over and comply with the idea of ​​conserving our freedom of flight. Even soon the message will be taken to the entire community of pilots on the island for the sake of the continuous development of the sport. We will keep you inform.

On the other hand, Cesar’s family, Ana María and her daughter María Isabel came to visit us, all interested in sports and there we coordinated some Demo flights, with the idea that they would join Team Kamikazes. This was in charge of instructors Luis Ruiz and David Garber.

Flying with Ana Maria and Dave Hargett pass by…

Jessica view over beautiful Dorado…

Reaction of Ana Maria, and Maria Isabel Landing…

As for the pilots who gathered, it was very nice to see them all fly. Pilot brothers Samuel and Adam, who are now residing on the island, also Omar, Dave, Alberto. Everyone having a great time and perfecting their techniques.

The only one who could not do it was Ariel, since she was in charge of her grandchildren, and Jose Roberto that was working and pass to join us in the reunion with FAA official, Dennis Ortiz. We were very grateful of both of them, as they take of his time to sponsor our activity although they were not flying.

We left there in the evening, after a tremendous day of flights. Here we share some photos of the activity…. As always we thank God 🙏.

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