Saturday, December 12, 2020

We continue to be very active, and this time it was no exception. There was a lot of history and adventure for those who were willing to get up very early …


First, a group of Team pilots decided to go on the classic morning flight in Boquerón, Cabo Rojo. For this flight, it is necessary to get up at dawn and travel all the way to Boquerón and be ready to fly at 6:30 AM when sunrise appear …

After several confirmations of pilots to arrive during the previous night, the pilots that finally arrived that morning were, Luis Ruiz, David Garber, Sammy Badillo and Samuel Travis (traveling from Humacao💪). We were also accompanied by our friend from Boquerón, Luz Mar, who was arriving to try to make her flight, this time accompanied by David at the controls. She is considering to enter the Sport.

Take Off from David and Luz Mar in Zero winds conditions!!!

As expected, the flight conditions were ideal, but you have to take off in zero wind conditions. The only one who finally couldn’t get out was Sammy, after several attempts 😑. However, Luis, Samuel and David together with Luz Mar managed to leave !!!

The flights reached the foggy area in Lajas, about 10 miles away and back, the route of the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and the entire coast of Boquerón were covered. At about 8:30 AM, although the wind remained very light at low altitude, strong winds were registered in high layers. This together with the thermals associated with the sun, announced that it was time to land. Luz Mar was very, very happy with her experience!!!


Luz Mar Reaction after his long fly!!!

Samuel Travis reaction after his Fly.


But our story of the day did not end there…, the flight plans continued later in Villa Pesquera Isabela, there the pilots Ariel Rodríguez and his grandson Derick, together with David’s wife, Amara, were waiting for us. Once we had breakfast and bought some gasoline we headed there …

The wind was somewhat strong, as expected. About 15 to 18 mph, with gusts of 22 miles. But was flyable… Upon arrival, we prepare the area with our tent to protect from the sun, and ready, to fly again…

Samuel was polishing his skills and at the same time practicing his turns in “Wing Over” … while Sammy arrived and this time he took the opportunity to test Luis’ new paraglider, the BGD Luna 2. David and Luis were in the air and both they were testing the speeds of the Luna 2 vs David’s F1, and both using the speed bar 😉…

Sammy Badillo flying the BGD Luna2

Meanwhile, Ariel and Derick were flying the Ozone Spyder3, and not only that for Derick, but he also got a chance to test drive the Apco F1 in size 18. Derick says he was nervous at first. After some instructions, he took into fly and had a very good experience, and keep learning ..

Around noon, Mr. José Fuentes and his wife Jeymin were visiting us from Corozal. José is very interested in starting the training and took the opportunity to do a demo flight with David. We will surely have news soon about his start in the sport as well as his progress in it.

Jose Fuentes Experience!!!

Anyway it was a day full of adventures. Very well used and especially since tomorrow Sunday we do not plan activity, due to the restrictions due to the Pandemic imposed by the government.

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