Tuesday and Wednesday, December 15 – 16, 2020

We had a couple of very active days of the week with our paramotors. Taking advantage of the good weather conditions that have occurred on the island during this time.

Villa Pesquera Isabela on Tuesday…

In the afternoon the wind came from the North at about 8 mph. Ideal for paramotor flying, as well for practicing Free Flight from the cliff of the Farallón.

Luis Ruiz was conducting Demonstration flights to the young Kenneth and Keyshla, natives of Utuado, who previously coordinates their Fly Demos during the week. They both really enjoyed their experiences, that include a visit to Royal Isabela Golf Course and “Posa de Teodoro” Beach.

Keyshla Experience..

Luis was accompanied by the pilots and friends, David Garber and his wife Amara, Alberto Sabah and Danis Rodríguez. David, took advantage of the north winds to do a bit of Free Flight in the cliff of the “Farallon” with his Apco Hybrid paraglider. A possible new student, Hermes Ferrer was visiting us in preparations for his Training. Stay Tuned…

Punta Santiago Humacao on Wednesday…

On Wednesday, we decided to cross the island to fly in the East area. Specifically in Punta Santiago Humacao. The morning was somewhat rainy, typical of this time of year. But after 11 AM, the conditions were great. Winds from the NE of 8 mph were the norm all day.

Present were the pilots, Omar Colon, Dave Hargett, Eric Betancourt, brothers Samuel and Adam Travis, Danis Rodríguez, David Garber and his wife Amara and Luis Ruiz. We even had the visit of the former Team pilot, Damaris Hernández, who had not been to share with us for a long time, and when she found out that we would be in Humacao, she stopped by to say hello 💪. Also, some people interested in entering the sport also arrived and two of them had the opportunity to take their Demo flights, of which they were delighted.

Part of the Action, Luis making a Demo Fly.
“That was Awesome”!!!!

Flights around “Monkey Island” and Palmas del Mar were the norm. Omar and Danis flying together were at the Wind Mills at Naguabo.

Dave and Eric continue to make great strides in the sport. Dave already has about 10 flights on his record and Eric with his third and fourth flights. Each time both doing better 💪.

👉Luis Ruiz, Facebook Live Video flying at Palmas del Mar.👈

To end the afternoon, several of the pilots went to dinner at a restaurant in Palmas del Mar. David, Samuel and Danis decided to arrived there but flying 🙂… and although the landing was somewhat difficult, the three managed to land right next to it.

The Place for Land at Palmas!!!
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