Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Finally the intensity of winds begins to decrease, after a difficult week where gusts of up to 30 mph of wind were recorded. Several members of Team Kamikazes were waiting for this to happen to continue with the flight action in this new 2021. The meeting point was Villa Pesquera Isabela. Here’s the story …

Pilots and students present in the activity.

David Garber and his wife Amara
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Enrique González and his sister Carolina
Danis Rodríguez and his daughter Kiara
Ariel Rodríguez and her grandson Derick Castro
Hermes Ferrer
Darwin Hernandez
Alberto Sabah
Dara Lundon (New Student)

The conditions in the day were better than in days past, but even so, it felt strong enough for the students Darwin, Enrique and Hermes to go flying. They were joined by new student Dara Lundon, who is a native of Ireland. And everyone was basically polishing their paragliding skills on ground.

We had a very particular situation, in the case of Darwin and Enrique, both are leaving tomorrow to fulfill commitments outside of Puerto Rico. Unfortunately for them, today the conditions were not safe for them to go flying. Both are pending to return to the island in the summer. So it will be a break of a few months 🙁…

In Dara’s case, he turned out to be a very skilled student. When I asked him a little more about his achievements, it turned out that in part of his work, he is a “Kite Surf” instructor, so he started with some difficulty at the beginning but already in the afternoon he was practicing the paraglider as if he had been doing it for several days. In addition, his great physical condition was helping him in strong winds.

The field, Strong winds and full of Paragliders!!!

David Garber, again assisting Luis with the students, and at the same time made some Demo flights to people interested in the sport, that included flights to the students Dara and Darwin. Now they are familiarized with the in-flight controls. Kiara, daughter of Danis and Carolina, Enrique’s sister also took their Demo flight. In addition to Tania and Edmarie, natives of Yauco. All very at ease with the experiences lived 🙂.

Darwin reaction after a Demo fly…
Tania and Edmarie Experience…
Carolina and Kyara experience…

While the experienced pilots, Danis, Ian Darrell, Alberto and Derick enjoyed their flights in the surroundings. In Derick’s case, he received his new glider today, BGD Luna 2. And you can imagine that he was flying it all day, and in all kinds of conditions.

Derick Christmas Present!!!
Derick trying the BGD Luna2

In the late afternoon, David, Ian, and Derick goes to a paraglider “War Kite”. Noah Enrique joined them with his little mini glider 💪.

“War Kite”

We leave there at sunset, and planning to return tomorrow, which is when the weather conditions look like they will be the best of the week …

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