Wednesday, January 06, 2021 (3 Kings Day)

Epic day !!!, but rather HISTORICAL !!!. Starting the story of this day was difficult for me. So much to tell. So many people overcoming their challenges, achieving new feats. And most importantly living life ๐Ÿ’ช!!!! Today two new students made their first “solo” flights, a World Record? and little Noah Enrique, 5 years old, finally flew with Dad ๐Ÿ™.

But the day is much more than that โ€ฆ We go by part and we will try to tell the story of each one of those who said present in Villa Pesquera Isabela. A Three Kings Day and with excellent weather !!!!

Team Kamikazes and relatives present โ€ฆ

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
David Garber and his wife Amara
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neysha and daughter Katelyn
Ivรกn Torres and his wife Pamela
Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique
Paola Villanueva (Ian’s girlfriend) and her cousin Gabriela
Eric Betancourt
Sammy Badillo
Alberto Sabah
Abdiel Galarza
Dara Lundon
Mario Rivera

As we mentioned, the weather was excellent. Clear skies and winds hovering around 8 mph NE all day. Ideal to start flying and keep flying all day. There were many stories in the day, but we will try to take each one individually. That nothing is left in the inkwell.

Pablo Cruz – He arrived early to assist Luis Ruiz with the new Team students. He was there the moment two of them went flying for the first time. Always giving advice and helping everyone who needs it. He had coordinated to go up the Farallon to perform Free Flight with Ivรกn Torres in the afternoon, but the weather did not cooperate.

Pablo narrating the story.

David Garber and Amara – They were also there early. They were in charge of carrying out the Demo flights to people interested in entering the sport, as well as the students who were waiting to do their first “solo” flights, Dara and Hermes. In fact, on his flight with Hermes, David established a personal, and who knows if, World Record? in sports history. David managed to fly Hermes on his Demo flight, and Hermes weighing 290 pounds !!!!. Many thought it would not be possible. They decided to give it a try and managed to get out. Definitely a difficult record to emulate.

World Record Foot Launch Paramotor Tandem? Passenger at 290 Pounds!!!
David Garber flying with Hermes, the moment of Landing.

Hermes Ferrer – After several weeks of training, today we had agreed with Hermes that if everything went well with his practices, and the weather was right. We would try his first โ€œsoloโ€ flight in Paramotor. For this Hermes, initially took a Demo flight with David Garber (the flight of the Record) where he was in charge of the controls. When the time came in the afternoon, Hermes was assisted by Pablo and Luis. After several attempts and adjustments with the Paramotor, Hermes went flying for the first time, in the presence of his wife and daughter. He made an excellent landing. His happy face said it all. Congratulations, let there be many more ๐Ÿ’ช!!!

Hermes first Ever Paramotor Launch!!!
Hermes Ferrer First Landing Ever!!!

Ivรกn Torres – He arrived early with his wife to share in the activity. A breeze from the NE, and the nearby sand dunes with the possibility of Free Flight got him doing some low-altitude flights and doing some stunts. In addition, he was making some videos of the activity with his personal โ€œdroneโ€.

Ivan Recording with his “Drone”.
“A Pelo…”

Luis Ruiz – A lot of work and emotions for Luis during the day. First of all, he was in charge of putting two of his students to fly during the afternoon. Dara, who set a personal best for Luis by going flying in just two days of hard training. And Hermes, who despite his knowledge and practices, always had his own personal challenge, which he far exceeded. But what Luis did not expect is that his wife Jessica Cruz would allow their son Noah Enrique, just 5 years old, to fly for the first time with Dad. Luis always dreamed with that moment, and it arrive!!!! The emotions of everything were 100%, both Jessica, Noah and Luis, in addition to all those who have seen the evolution of Noah since months of birth โ€ฆ The flight had even more drama, when the brother Ian Darrell, was flying right at the side taking videos of everything that happened in the air. An unforgettable day for everyone. Thank God for these blessings that allowed us to live ๐Ÿ™!!!

Noah Complete Reaction!!!
The moment of Landing for Noah Enrique!!!

Ian Darrell – He was making some flights in the area and took the opportunity to practice the Demo flights. He also accompanied his father Luis, on his brother Noah’s flight, firstly helping him at takeoff and then accompanying him on the flight where he was taking videos.

Gabriela Carreras Experience!!!

Eric Betancourt – Quietly, he arrived, prepared his Paramotor and just spent the whole day flying around. At every moment its excellent takeoffs and landings. And in one than in the other, they corrected themselves to make them better each time. With these flights and demonstration, Eric achieves his second pilot level star. Congratulations!!!!

Sammy Badillo – Like Eric Betancourt, Sammy arrived, packed his gear, and went flying over and over again. He has stayed in the past few days practicing his takeoffs, landings and “Touch & Go”. Each time showing better skills.

Alberto Sabah – Another pilot who got tired of flying so much in the day. Gone are his landing problems. At all times it lands on its feet, and it even flies again without major problems.

Abdiel Galarza – Abdiel, bought a Paramotor and is eager to fly with the rest of the group. He have to correct some details on it and that’s it. There he was practicing with Ivรกn a bit of Free Flight in the nearby dunes. We hope to hear from him soon โ€ฆ

Dara Lundon – As recent as the day before Dara started her Paramotor training with Luis. He was practicing all day yesterday and all morning today. And there was a Demo flight with David Garber where he was in charge of the controls. His great physical condition, his experience in the sport of “Kite Surf” and an excellent climate made Luis decide to push Dara a little more. Upon passing some tests that Luis gave him, Luis gave him the green light to fly, and he went flying in just his second day of intense training. In the years that Luis has been teaching, no student had achieved this feat. Congratulations!!!!

Dara Lundon first Paramotor Experience!!!

Mario Rivera – A Pilot and friend who resides in North Carolina, USA. Mario came to visit and share with the Team. He was practicing in the morning with his paraglider. By the time we were ready for his flight, Mario had to leave to fulfill commitments, so we hope to have another opportunity for his flight.

We were there until sunset. There were many who took their Demo flights, like our friend Emilio Lozada, traveling from Bayamon with whom we have not shared for a long time. Also our friend Paulino Gonzรกlez, who always came and watched from afar, until the day came. Going down and mentioning that it was the “best experience of his life.”

Emilio Lozada Experience!!!

It makes all of this worthwhile. See the faces of so many people enjoying a moment of freedom and happiness. Priceless !!!!. All grateful for the experiences. Thank you God for so much ๐Ÿ™!!!!

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