Saturday, January 09, 2021

We went to Parque del Norte in Hatillo. It had been a few weeks since we met there, and today the weather projections indicated that it would be good for flying. Many pilots and the Kamikaze family from all over the island gathered …

It is worth mentioning all the Team members present at the activity …

David Garber and his wife Amara
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Dave Hargett, his wife Marielis and their daughter
Eric Harthman and his wife Hertha
Noel Vale and his wife Tata
Ariel Rodríguez and her grandson Derick Castro
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Hermes Ferrer, his wife Neysha and daughter Katelyn
Matthew Bell and his wife Charity
Dara Lundon
David Silva
Eric Roman
Eric Betancourt
Samuel Travis
Omar colon
Danis Rodriguez
Sammy Badillo

Even though the sky was clear and the conditions started nice for flying. Little by little the day turned windy. And although it could be flown, this was mostly for skilled pilots. We did not want to venture novice pilots to fly in those conditions.

Everybody has his story in the day …

David Garber – Been flying since early in the morning. He took this opportunity to fly his new Flow paraglider “Yoti II” of just 15 meters. With that size the intensity and winds are hardly felt. He was also assisting Luis with the training of the Team students. That included a Demo fly to a possible student of the Team, Kermell Montalvo.

Kermell Montalvo Experience!

Pablo Cruz – He was there finishing a minor repair on his Paramotor. By the time he prepared to fly, the intensity of the winds gets up, and he did not want to force a leg on which he has some discomfort. He continued to provide assistance to the students present in the area.

Dave Hargett – He was one of the few pilots to go flying in high wind conditions. He managed to go out in 20 mph wind on his ParaJet Maverick Moster MY20 Paramotor and his BGD Luna 2 paraglider, 23 meters. At one point, flying down the beach coast of Camuy, and while performing “Touch & Go” on the beach, he had to land and then it became difficult to get out again in the air due to heavy winds of 22 mph+. He was assisted in the area by Samuel, David and Luis. He choose wise to go easy in that situation. His flight level improves every day 💪.

Eric Harthman – He arrived early with the idea of ​​trying his first “solo” flight as long as he mastered the paraglider as expected. Unfortunately, today was not the day due to the strong wind. He continued with inflation practices until we have better conditions for his flight.

Eric Harthman giving hard practices.

Noel Vale – He was not ready to fly. But he managed to hang out and share with everyone present. Thanks for saying present 🙂!!!

Ariel Rodríguez – He was there early and received his recently repaired Ozone Spyder 3 paraglider from Luis. He spent the day assisting his grandson Derick on his flights and helping anyone who needed help. At the end of the afternoon, the winds dropped in intensity, and Ariel decided to prepare the equipment and take a flight before the Park closed at 6 PM.

Ariel assisting Derick in Launch.

Derick Castro – He continues to improve his flying technique by leaps and bounds. Today there was a friendly competition that Derick had with Omar Colon. A little race testing the speed of their paragliders. Derick was flying a BGD Luna 2 23 meters, and Omar was riding an Ozone Speedster 3 24 meters. It was an interesting competition, mostly flying upwind in that windy conditions and Derick was the winner this time. Next challenges between these two are pending 🤨… At one point, Derick flew David Garber’s 18-meter Apco F1 paraglider. A demanding glider and Derick handled it with excellence !!!

Omar Colon Reaction after the Race!!!
Derick Launching Apco F1 18 meters in Hard Winds.

Alberto Sabah – Alberto arrived ready to fly, but when he saw the strong wind, he decided not to fly. He stayed sharing and helping everyone who needed in the area.

Hermes Ferrer – Last week he made his first “solo” fly. Right now, these winds were very strong for him. So he kept practicing with the paragliders on ground to continue gaining control over it. He was also helping everyone who needed help in the area.

Matthew Bell – Yesterday he was flying the area in “cross” with Danis and David Garber all the way from Villa Pesquera Isabela. This time he came with his wife just to share a time with us in the activity. Thank you for your presence 🙂!!!

Matthew Bell visit!!!

Dara Lundon – He arrived early. It was very commendable to see him there, especially since he was going back to his country on a flight that left San Juan at 4 PM. So we had the morning to train him, and from there he had to go to the airport. Unfortunately on his attempt to take off he sat down early and this caused some slight breakages in the equipment that made his morning flight evaporate. After this, he practiced a bit with the BGD Seed paraglider before returning to San Juan for his flight. We expect to hear from him again in about two weeks.

Dara Training with the Seed.

David Silva – One of Team Kamikazes veterans pilots and a great gentlemen. David always brings some details to the activity. This time he bring some donuts from everyone. Thanks 🙂!!!. David took his time to fly, and when he did , he did in perfect control (although the wind intensity were north of 20 mph) and made a “cross” flight to Arecibo town and back.

David Silva launching in hard winds conditions.

Eric Román – For personal situations he was not been able to attend the activities for some weekends. But his equipment is in their way. He was practicing hard during the day with the BGD Seed.

Eric Betancourt – He received today his new 20 meter BGD Luna 2 paraglider. And in the face of the strong winds, he spent a while practicing with it in the area. Once he verified that he could handle the intensity of the winds, he went to make the fly in his new paraglider. He managed to fly in windy conditions, our respect 💪!!!

Eric Betancourt at High Winds conditions…

Samuel Travis – He traveled from Humacao to share with us. He was one of the few pilots to go flying in strong wind conditions. When Dave Hargett landed on Camuy beach, Samuel was one of the pilots who came and landed to help Dave. Its takeoff there was very demanding. We measured the intensity of winds at the moment at about 23 mph 😲!!! Later in the day he took David Garber’s small “Yoti II” glider to fly and he looked very comfortable on it.

Samuel fighting hard winds.
Samuel Travis into the Sun…

Omar Colon – He arrived prepared and even with a three-bladed propeller for his Paramotor 🙃. Ready for his meeting with Derick. This was the second friendly competition he has done with Derick. This time he didn’t success, Derick was faster this time. After the competition, Omar ventured to test David Garber’s paraglider, Flow Yoti II of 15 meters!, and although at first he looked lacking in control, after a few minutes he mastered it and enjoyed himself in flight.

Omar Colon getting Ready…

Danis Rodríguez – He was one of the pilots who was flying the whole time. Wind or no wind, Danis looks like a fish in water. His development through these months has been amazing and he is ready for greater challenges. In addition to flying, he was also offering his help to everyone who needed it.

Danis flying the Ozone Speedster 3 24 meters.

Sammy Badillo – He came to fly with his flight partner, Alberto Sabah. But when he saw the strong wind, like Alberto, he decided to take the day calm and be in the area, sharing with those present and helping everyone in need.

We were there until sunset. When everyone returned to their homes, as we mentioned in the story, Ariel would go flying to close the activities 😏.

As always we thank God for all these opportunities that he allows us to live.
Thank you 🙏!!!!

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