Friday, January 29, 2021

Instructor Luis Ruiz’s birthday has come. Part of her birthday gift was being able to fly with her children, Ian Darrell González and little Noah Enrique.

So the roads took us to Villa Pesquera Isabela, where Luis and his children arrived with Team Kamikazes pilots, David Garber and his wife Amara, Alberto Sabah, Eric Betancourt, Sammy Badillo and Brandon Hetrick.

The weather was excellent, clear and winds from the NE at 8 mph. Taking all the precautions, Luis take off with little Noah, while Ian Darrell flew by his side. At one point of the fly, Luis let Noah take the controls. A very special and unforgettable moment for Luis, and his children ❤️🙏…

Launching of Luis Ruiz with Little Noah Enrique…
All the Experience of the Trip of Noah Enrique.

While this was going on, Alberto Sabah, test the sporty Paraglider of Luis Ruiz, the BGD Luna 2 23 meters. He is getting his skills to a new Level and enjoy the experience at fullest. Also Brandon and Eric Betancourt were flying around as they pleased… Eric showing great skills in his young career!

Eric Betancourt launching the BGD Luna 2

In the meantime, David was making a Demo flight to Rosa Carrau. It turns out that Rosa is 75 years old, and she went to enjoy her experience in Paramotor! Many people make excuses for not doing it and Rosa was there enjoying her experiences to the fullest 💪…

Rosa Carrau Experience!!!

At about 2:30 PM, we began to put away the equipment, while Sammy Badillo took a flight through the Guajataca Tunnel.

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