Sunday, May 02, 2021

After the special Saturday, with everything that happened in Isabela. Today Sunday we returned to fulfill some commitments that we had pending. Make some Demo flights to people who had been pending yesterday to fly and for security reasons we postponed them until today.

The pilots present were Instructor Luis Ruiz, along with Team Members Danis Rodríguez and Ted Sowinski. Both Danis and Ted would be helping Luis in the preparation and realization of the flights.

The weather again good, but windy, as it has been in the past weeks. Potential students Elian, Bianca and Evette arrived early. Later in the morning arrived Wilfredo and his wife Rebeca from San Sebastián, and then we had Olga, who was celebrating her birthday, and Jeannette, who were on vacation on the island 💪.

👉🏿The Experience of Fly through the Eyes of Evette Soto👈🏿

Each and every one of them had a Fly experience, as they mentioned, “incredible and unforgettable”. And that is what it is all about, putting our grain of sand of positivism to everyone who comes to us to enjoy these experiences 🙏.

At around 1:30 PM, the wind increased in intensity and with this we closed the activities of the day. As always we thank God for all this opportunities that he bring to us…🙏.


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