Saturday, May 08, 2021

The month of May has been quite active in terms of weather. Strong winds have been the norm, as well as a lot of rain in the interior of the island. Despite this, we have always managed to fly and have a great time.

This time the roads took us to Villa Pesquera Isabela. The original plans were to go to the Parque del Norte Hatillo, but the Park is closed due to the controls regarding Covid19, which is carried out by the municipality in the area.

We met in Isabela, where the weather was very good all morning and became more complicated as the afternoon wore on. Pilots present in the activity, Danis Rodríguez, Ted Sowinski, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and children Ian Darrell and Noah Enrique, Hermes Ferrer and Alberto Sabah. It was very nice to see Alberto back in action. He was on personal commitments abroad and just returned this week back to the island 💪.

Also, young Luis López, a native of Aguadilla, also arrived. He is considering return to the sport after more than 10 years of absence. He took a Demo Flight with Luis Ruiz and in part of the flight he had the controls on fly. Also, beside practicing inflation with the paraglider, he received some unexpected “Towing” flights from Pablo. Stay Tuned for his progress… 💪

Another who took a Demo flight with Luis, was the possible student Melvin Ruiz, a native of Aguada, then from the town of Aibonito was present Lymari Aguirre and from Ponce, Héctor Irizarry, who had already lived the Paramotor flight experience in Colombia, two years ago. He has a very visited web page of the adventures in the island, #enviajatepr, So, pay him a visit in his page. A good one!!!

Lymari Aguirre Video!!!
Hector Irizarry from enviajatepr, and his adventure!!!

As for the pilots, it was nice to see Danis, Ted, Ian and Alberto flying around the coastal area on several occasions. All showing great mastery. In the case of Danis, he even flew all the way to the town of Hatillo, back and forth 💪.

At late afternoon, after some big clouds passed nearby… the weather improved a lot and we took back out equipment that was already stored to fly again. Also with this conditions, little Noah Enrique asked his father Luis to practice with the BGD Seed 14-meter paraglider. To everyone’s surprise, he inflated the glider without any help. He did it so well that we were encouraged to look for the rope to give him a few short flights by the “Towing” method. His happiness was “Priceless” and we were all amazed at his progress 😲.

Noah Kitting without any help!!!
Pablo giving a Tandem Fly to Noah Enrique of just 5 years Old!!!

As usual, we thank God for these opportunities that allows us to live …🙏


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