Monday, August 30, 2021

Back to Isabela again this Monday, taking advantage of the fact that the wind conditions finally dropped 🙏. Along with Instructor Luis Ruiz, the student Mario Muñiz arrived to continue their training. Also, the pilots Deron Freeman, Noel Vale and Robert Rodríguez also arrived. And with them from Toa Baja, the family of Juan Ortega and his wife Adriana, who were traveling to enjoy the paramotor flight experiences.

As we mentioned, the weather conditions changed, and with it what we had all morning was a breeze that barely reached 5 mph. Deron launched without problems, and Noel after some attempts managed to take off and take a flight around the area, while Mario gave him a hard time practicing with the paraglider. Getting better by the time. Robert, for his part, was facing problems with the Manual Starter of his Paramotor and could not solve it in time to fly.

Luis Ruiz, for his part, had Juan Ortega’s family on the agenda (Juan, Adriana, Agustin, Bianca and Sofia). They arrived at 8:00 AM ready to Live the Experience in the Paramotor.

Juan Ortega’s Family

Due to the soft wind, Luis had to make his first 3 flights, to Agustín, Bianca and Sofía by the “Front Launch” method. They all run hard enough to earn the flight experience 💪. After this first flights, was Adriana’s turn. She was very comfortable and want to keep flying all morning 😊.

Landing Moment.

And we finished with Juan’s flight. It was quite a challenge, because Juan weighed 208 pounds. But following Luis’s instructions, and a strong race, they went flying without major problems.

Each and every one of the members of Juan’s family had a beautiful experience. Here we share some photos of what was experienced in Isabela that day. Blessings 🙏!!!


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