Thursday, September 30, 2021

A day with excellent weather that was very special and active. In the end, the action was divided into two parts. And it is that in the morning hours Luis Ruiz was giving classes to the new student Ramón Avilés and in turn was conducting Demo Flights to the spouses Randy and Carmen Pingle. We will detail later …

In the afternoon, after taking a family lunch break. Training time was for his little son Noah Enrique. Who each time shows his innate talent and overcomes barriers, which for his young age of 6 years, seems incredible 🙂…

We go by part … The morning hours …

Luis was assisting Ramón in his practice with paragliding. Ramón has a natural ability and today with little intensity of winds, he began to practice the exits and control of the paraglider by the “Front Launch” method. After a couple of attempts and corrections, Ramón showed his skills, handling the paraglider without major problem 💪.

Meanwhile, Luis received the couple of Randy and Carmen Pingle, who reside in the Isabela area, and as part of Carmen’s birthday, they had come to enjoy their experiences in the paramotor flight. Randy’s flight with Luis went by without major problems, although they had to run quite a bit in little wind to get out.

With Carmen, the situation got complicated …, and Carmen had recently undergone a knee operation, and therefore, had limitations to be able to run properly for takeoff. And with the little wind prevailing, this was indispensable 😐.

After several attempts, where we even considered postponing the activity for another day. Instead, we decided to take it easy, and hope for better winds. Luis also changed his Tandem paraglider, from the traditional 32 meter he uses to a 42 meter one, to make things easier.

Finally at about 11:30 AM, with an increase in the intensity of the winds and with the assistance of his spouse Randy, they managed to take off 💪. Carmen’s anguish for not being able to leave in the first attempts, quickly changed to a lot of joy and enjoyment. And this is about. Today was difficult, but very satisfying 🙂🙏.

The afternoon hours …

With the arrival of Jessica Cruz, Luis’s wife, and their son Noah Enrique, a break and lunch was essential. Later, in the Restaurant, little Noah wanted to practice, so we went back to Villa Pesquera to continue his training.

The afternoon was mostly Father and Son quality time, Priceless…. As I said on another occasion … the time will come when he carries me to fly ❤️.

Noah, with just 6 years, showing Skills!!!!

In the meantime, with North winds of 8 mph, Ivan Torres and a friend took the opportunity to made Free Fly from the Cliff of the Farallon for some hours. Excellent!!!

Today was a great day!!!
Blessings 🙏 🙏 🙏 !!!


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