Saturday, October 02, 2021 – Isabela

The morning started with stormy skies. So the initial plans to fly at “El Único” Beach in Dorado had to be changed at the last minute. And it is that the bad weather projections only gave Isabela an opportunity and that just in the morning. All the other regions of the island would be bad to fly from very early.

So, in last minute plans, we advice the “Kamikazes” family that we would meet in Villa Pesquera, Isabela instead of Dorado, to take advantage for the flights.

Some pilots, previously confirmed, could not make the trip. But those who arrived, enjoyed pretty good weather, at least until 2 PM. At that time, the storm that was hitting the entire island, finally reached Isabela and we had to leave there under a storm 😉…

Present were Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique, Edgardo Rivera, his wife Wilnelia and their 2 dogs, Cala and Goliat (both very big and impressive), Sammy Badillo, Hermes Ferrer and Ricardo González.

As expected in magical Isabela, early morning conditions were good for flying. Luis Ruiz took the opportunity to continue training to his little Noah Enrique who is really enjoying his flying experiences. We are blessed for that ❤️🙏!!!

While Sammy and Edgardo were flying around. Hermes, had to go to work at the Aguadilla airport, in the event of an emergency involving one of the planes arriving from the USA 😐…, after solving the situation, he arrived later, but the weather had already closed, so he limited himself to share with us …

In Ricardo‘s case, he was ready to fly, but his paraglider was too big for the 15-18 mph wind that was settling in place. Luis Ruiz, lent him one of his paragliders, the sporty one, BGD Luna 2, so that Ricardo could practice it on the floor, and if he felt comfortable with it, let him try to fly it. This was huge progress for Ricardo, who has always flown Novice level gliders, and would now go up to a more agile and faster one.

Video from Edgardo perspective of Ricky Gonzalez flying…

And said and done. Ricardo practiced it, he felt comfortable and given Luis’s recommendations on how to handle it, Ricardo went flying with Sammy and Edgardo. And after a while flying, he didn’t even want to land. The sporting features of this glider were much more efficient in strong winds than Ricardo had ever flown. Her face of Happiness said it all upon landing 😊. A new step surpassed by Ricardo, on his way to becoming a much more versatile pilot in the near future. Congratulations 💪!!!

As we mentioned previously, at around 2 PM we had to move forward to guard against the huge storm that was coming to us. But all happy with our adventures, for a day that did not seem to provide flight opportunities.

As always we thank God for everything 🙏 .


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