Saturday, October 23, 2021 – “Unique Beach” Dorado

Getting ready for tomorrow Sunday in Isabela, where we hope there will be a Full House of family members and Team pilots, with BBQ included… We decided to visit today Saturday “Unique” Beach in Dorado. This despite the fact that we knew that the flight conditions were a bit difficult for a good enjoyment of them.

Saying present at the activity were Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia, Ariel Rodríguez and his grandson Derick, Carlos Robles and his daughter Glorimar, David Silva and his wife Elsie, Luis Ruiz and the new student Ray Malave.

The weather during the day was just not good for practicing, much less flying. And it is that the wind kept coming from the SE, which caused the entrance of turbulence to the place.

The only one who was able to make a flight was Derick Castro, who in fact had not been able to share with us for a long time due to other commitments. First, he was practicing with the paraglider on the ground with Ariel and when he decided to fly, the weather “fixed” for a while, allowing him to leave without major problems. Eventually Edgardo tried, but the flight window was closed.

Trying to Practice in Heavy Turbulence…

This left us with only the idea of ​​practicing inflation with the paraglider. We kept practicing until midday. Then we decided to stop and rest for tomorrow’s meeting in Isabela. For a difficult weather, at least we practice and share a lot in the place.

The Turbulent winds were very Challenge!!!
Luis Ruiz practicing with the BGD Seed in a window of “good” weather.


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