First Week of November – A unexpected Visit to Labadid…

We started the month of November, and with this we expect a good weather to fly. Although this was not entirely accurate. Some bad weather appear…

Monday, 01

Luis Ruiz fulfilled some previous Demo Flights commitments to Keysha and their mother Ruth, natives of San Juan. Both arrived at Villa Pesquera Isabela in the afternoon and Luis was making the Demo flights. The wind was a bit strong, around 15 mph, but in the end, everything went very well and both girls enjoyed their adventures through beautiful Isabela.

Wednesday 03

In the afternoon we returned again to Villa Pesquera Isabela. This time accompanying Luis Ruiz were the pilots José Román and Edgardo Rivera. Another pilot that had coordinated his assistance was Sammy Badillo, but he could not arrive due to commitments and unexpected situations in his work.

When we got to Villa Pesquera, we ran into huge rain clouds that had affected the wind in the area, which came from the south. This is not good for flying off the coast.

So, we decided to improvise and went to visit what is known as the Castle of Labadid, which is located on the border of the towns of Isabela, Moca and Aguadilla. We went there at the idea of ​​the young pilot and student Luisito López, who sometimes goes to practice with his paraglider in that area.

Upon arrival, we find a very beautiful and well-preserved place. The weather was good enough for flying. So Luis decided to take a flight around the area while José and Edgardo, after trying a couple of times, decided not to fly.

Attached are some photos of our adventures during the week.


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