Saturday, November 06, 2021 – Adventure in Lajas and Isabela…

We have this weekend again with the presence of Darwin Hernández. He flew again from Texas so he could be with us flying for the weekend.

Friday, before the weekend …

The first thing Darwin did was meet with Luis Ruiz on Friday 05 at the Mamey land in Aguada. This was at 5:30 PM, at just 30 minutes to sunset. The conditions for flying were bad. A rain had just fallen and when Darwin setup his equipment, he just had about 15 minutes of flight 😑.

Luis’s recommendation was to postpone the flights for tomorrow, but Darwin had come to fly and wanted to try. In zero wind conditions, and wet grass, the probabilities of a successful fly were slim. It turned out that Darwin take off and eventually landed gracefully. In fact, he even made a “Touch & Go”, demonstrating his great progress. Congratulations 💪!!!

👉The fly of Darwin in Mamey of Aguada👈


We arrived to Lajas Valley, at Arturo’s Track at sunrise. Saying present were Luis Ruiz, Darwin Hernández, Edgardo Rivera and surprisingly Berto García. As expected a little later, the Quick Silver pilots, Arnaldo and William, arrived.

The wind intensity was between 0-3 mph, and the grass was wet. We should had to be careful when taking off. Berto and Luis managed to leave without major complications and they stayed in the air waiting for Edgardo and Darwin to take off. Unfortunately Edgardo slipped on his takeoff run and when he fell broke his propeller and gas tank of his Paramotor 🙁…. A little later Darwin managed to get out, but the spirit of pilots were down and the plans to fly to Guanica were postponed.

We left Lajas with the idea of ​​helping Edgardo in the repair of his Paramotor. Luis looked for the propeller and Gas Tank at his house and eventually all the pilots met at 11 AM in Villa Pesquera Isabela. The flying conditions were quite good.

The student/pilot Mario Muñiz, were waiting for us, and we took advantage and deliver to him, his new paraglider. A Cosmos Power size 24 in Purple color, unique in Puerto Rico. His joy in fulfilling his dreams is remarkable. Congratulations 😊!!!

Also present was Alberto Sabah, Ray Malave and personnel from the “Army” arrived. They were doing physical activity training in the area.

Edgardo, was making final adjustments to his Paramotor with the help of Darwin, and he was ready to fly his Paramotor again!. At the end, five pilots flew, Luis, Darwin, Edgardo, Berto and Alberto. While Ray is ready to try his first “solo” flight , possibly tomorrow Sunday when we return to Isabela.


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