Sunday, December 26, 2021 – Isabela Great Weather and Happiness…

After celebrating yesterday, Christmas Day with our respective families, we meet at Villa Pesquera Isabela for some flights. The weather looks Great, so today is the day…

There were many pilots present with their families, as well as a large public ready to enjoy their flight experiences.

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Edgardo Rivera and his wife Wilnelia
Luis Ruiz, and his son Ian Darrell
David Garber and his wife Amara
Samuel Travis and his friend Michelle
José Luis Hernández, his wife Francheska and kids
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Charles Riggs and his wife
Berto Garcia
Ted Sowinski
Darwin Hernandez
Sammy Badillo
Alberto Sabah
Noel Vale
José “Cheo” Román
Saleh Jacob (Beginning Course)

International Pilots in the House…

We received the visit of several international Paramotor pilots. We begin by mentioning the pilot and Instructor Richard Socher, a native of Germany and residing in California, USA. Luis Ruiz provided him with a Paramotor (FlyProducts Eclipse Moster), and he went to fly with his 19-meter BGD Luna 2, in a “cross” fly along the coast of Isabela, Quebradillas and Camuy.

Richard was very comfortable with the treatment received by the pilot community and the equipment used. In the next few days, we will surely hear a little more from Richard and his friends visiting the island 🙂.

Also, back on the island were Ted Sowinski, a member of the Kamikazes family who managed to take a few days off his job in the USA to come and fly with us. In the same way, Darwin Hernández arrived. He always comes to the island at every opportunity from his residence in Texas, USA. This time with a friend and pilot from Arizona, Ariel Rafols, who was flying today too….

Also arriving were, Samuel Travis, who spent several months flying in the USA, specifically in Arizona and Florida. He was doing some training there, and is back in the island. Samuel arrived with his girlfriend Michelle, and commented “that despite having been flying in very good places, none of these places compared to Puerto Rico” 🙂 !!!

Team Kamikazes Pilots

Among the Kamikaze pilots present, Cheo Roman was flying well and with confidence. In fact at one point he climbed quite high, we estimate that he was close to 3,000 feet high 😲!!! His takeoffs and landings are being carried out with elegance. Also in the air was Berto Garcia, always showing his characteristic mastery of the sport. Joining the air with Cheo and Berto were Charles Riggs, Noel Vale and Ricardo Gonzalez. All flying well and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Berto Garcia is launching. Video by Pablo Cruz.

Sammy Badillo and Edgardo Rivera faced unforeseen problems in their Paramotors and dedicated themselves to helping everyone on the field and eventually works on their machines 😉…

We also had a pleasant visit from Alberto Sabah, who came to share with us. Even though he can’t fly right now, he takes time to spend with the Team.

Living the Experience and New Students…

For their part, David Garber and Ian Darrell were in charge of carrying out the Demo Flights. Even several of them like, Kevin and Angelo from Bayamon, Esteban from San Juan, and José Rodríguez from Isabela between others confirmed their intention to start training in the coming months. We will keep you updated…

Part of the activity. Video by Pablo Cruz.

And speaking of training, Luis Ruiz today started the Training of Saleh Jacob, who resides in Texas. A lot of the theoretical part was covered and the paragliding practices began on the ground. We will see Jacob’s progress in the next few days. Also, Student Jose Luis was practicing and helping Luis with the practices of Jacob.

Forecasts for next week show a lot of wind over the island. So we are coordinating to return to activity for tomorrow Monday.

Blessings 🙏!!!!


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