Last Week of 2021- From International Pilot Kyle Hall (and Family) to Kathy Spaid in last Flight of the Year…

Last week of 2021. And although the wind conditions have been very strong to fully enjoy our sport, this has not prevented us from being active. Here are the end of the 2021 stories …

Monday, December 27, 2021 …

We had a flight activity in Villa Pesquera Isabela where the Team Kamikazes pilots, Ted Sowinski, Luis Ruiz, Darwin Hernández, the student Saleh Jacob, David Garber and his wife Amara were present. They were joined by international pilot Kyle Hall, his wife Katherine, and some relatives.

Kyle was flying around with equipment facilitated by Luis, A Fly Products Eclipse Moster and Paraglider BGD Luna2. David Garber was in charge of making Demo Flights to Kyle’s family, and Luis Ruiz continued with the training of student Jacob. In the meantime, Ted and Darwin made flights around. Activities closed at 2 PM, and everybody had a great adventure during the day.

Kyle Launch.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021 …

We decided to change course, and do something different. We went early in the morning to Playa “Las Criollas” in Barceloneta. There they said present, Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie, Ted Sowinski, David Garber his wife Amara, Luis Ruiz his son Ian Darrell and Roberto Negrón.

The plans were to fly to the Statue of Colon in Arecibo and to the other side, Esperanza and “Mar Chiquita” Beaches of Manatí. Unfortunately the weather conditions were not conducive to flying and we had to find an alternate Plan.

The first alternative was to stop at Parque del Norte Hatillo. But due to the “Las Mascaras” Festival in that town, and the tumult that was taking place on its roads, we decided to go to a quieter place with flight possibilities… So we ended up again in Villa Pesquera Isabela.

Once we arrived to Isabela, it was clear and the wind ranged from 18 to 23 mph+. And with those conditions, Luis Ruiz, Ian Darrell and David Garber went flying. At one point Jessica Cruz bring there little Noah Enrique and he kept practicing with her little paraglider and his Dad.

David Garber making some Acro. Recording from Edgardo at Top of the Cliff.

At one point in the afternoon, David Garber was flying Ian using the Towing rope method.

Ian flying by Towing Method of David Garber.

And while this was happening, Edgardo and Darwin were adjusting their Paramotors at Darwin’s House, and eventually went flying in Isabela at sunset.

Edgardo Rivera flying at Sunset.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021 …

We went for the morning flight in the Lajas Valley. At 6:30 AM we were ready to take off, Luis Ruiz, Ian Darrell, Ted Sowinski and Noel Vale (yes… Noel).

The first to try to get out was Ted, but an unforeseen problem with the manual start of his Paramotor, prevented him from even attempting his flight. Too sad for him that was ready to fly from even 6 AM in the morning. In the meantime, Ian and Luis managed to Take Off and without proposing it, they found themselves flying together right in the Sunflowers area of ​​the town of Guanica. This place is located at some 10 miles from the Lajas Track. They both flew for about an hour. It was Luis’s first flight using the Foot Launch method in Cero wind conditions, after injuring his leg on the takeoff run a few weeks ago. Everything this time went well and the leg did not give him major problems.

Over Sunflowers in Guanica and back to Lajas.

Noel, for his part, surprised us with his arrival. And it is that Noel always likes to fly later in the day and this time he was with us ready for the adventure very early in the morning. His takeoff attempt was unsuccessful, especially when his glider got wet in the process. But it was nice to have him there with us early anyway 🙂.

Friday, December 31, 2021 …

Last flights of 2021. Again we meet very early in the morning in the Lajas Valley. Saying present were Darwin Hernández (getting off a plane and traveling directly to the Lajas Valley, again 😮), Luis Ruiz, his son Ian Darrell, Berto García, and the ultralight pilot, Arnaldo were also present. Also Kathy Spaid, who arrived to perform a Demo flight with Luis on the Trike, to close 2021 💪.

The conditions in Lajas were as expected. Zero wind and with very good fog. Darwin, Ian and Berto went flying without major problems. Ian would go all over the Sierra Bermeja, and fly over the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, Boquerón and then return to Lajas on a flight lasting over an hour.

Ian Taking Off.
Berto flying Low at the Valley.

Darwin for his part, after taking off and flying over La Parguera, decided (for some strange reason) to take a Touch & Go flight over the runway we used to take off…. And a bad calculation made him to land, and with that his paraglider got completely wet, making it difficult to take off again 😕.

Luis went flying with Kathy around all the Valley in the Trike, and here we share a few videos as part of their adventures.

Majestic Lajas.
Some Turns to Loose Altitude.
Landing Moment.

When Luis landed, he began some training to Darwin with the Trike, but he didn’t felt confidence. So, he eventually fly again in the day, once his paraglider gets a bit drier. He was accompanied in the air by Arnaldo in his “Quick Silver”.

Darwin with the Trike.

So, the last flight in 2021 corresponded to Darwin in the Lajas Valley 💪.

Darwin, Last Fly of 2021.

We hope for many good things for 2022. It only remains to give our blessings to each one of you, who accompany us on our journey and stories 🙏!!!


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