Wednesday, February 09, 2022 – Back to Isabela after some Rest…

After a well-deserved break from our activities. We returned to the load in Isabela. This time we had a visit from the member of Team Kamikazes based in New York, Efrain Castaño. Also present were Luis Ruiz, David Garber, Cheo Román, Edgardo Rivera and Sammy Badillo.

The wind was strong, 15 mph+ early on, but flyable. At least in the morning hours, before it got stronger. This was used by Luis and David to carry out three (3) Demo Flights that they had pending…

From the State of Kansas, USA, Steven arrived accompanied by his wife Shanna, and from the town of Corozal and Toa Baja, Lesliebeth and Héctor arrived. The flights were made early and Steven, Hector and Lesliebeth thoroughly enjoyed their experiences.

Among the pilots Cheo, Edgardo and Sammy went out to fly. In turn, Efrain dedicated himself to practicing paragliding. He indicated that he had not flown for more than 8 months and was moldy, and more so that he was not used to flying in such windy conditions.

Once the Demo Flights were finished and before finishing the activity, David decided to make some flights using the Towing method to Edgardo. He really enjoyed his experience.

During the day, the Municipality of Isabela, place a Flag of Puerto Rico in the area. The people are stopping and are taking the photo with the beautiful beach as background 💪.


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