Friday, March 04, 2022

Very active day in Isabela, and much more since it is Friday and many are supposed to be working and/or preparing for the activities of the weekend 🙂.

Saying present from the Kamikazes family were…

Charles Riggs and his son Evan
Ben Doyle and his wife Andrea
Luis Cruz and his wife Carmen
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
David Garber and his wife Amara
Luis Ruiz
Jose “Cheo” Roman
Mario Muniz
Dave Pazan
Edgar Rivera
Omar Colon
Keith Gould

Living the Paramotor Experience

We had a large audience and this time, David Garber and Luis Ruiz were doing the Demo flights in the morning hours. Present were…

Justin Alder, Maytee and Angie, from San Juan and Utah, USA
Fernando Estrada and Yanira from Caguas
Josué González and Alanis from Virginia, USA
Miguel and Maryanne from Bayamon
Mohamed and Zaidy from California

All carrying a beautiful memory of their flight experiences 💪.

Kamikaze Pilots

The wind was light early in the morning and became windy as we approached noon. Apart from David and Luis, also were flying… Charles and Evan, and later Edgardo and Omar, the latter using Luis Ruiz’s sports paraglider, an Apco F1.

Omar was very comfortable with it, and he kept talking about lunches while flying with Edgardo… (internal joke…🤣).

While among the pilots/students, Keith and Mario dedicated themselves to continuing their practices. Also arriving, after months of absence, was the student Dave Pazan who was practicing hard.

It was nice to receive the visit of the member of Team Kamikazes, Luis Cruz (Pablo‘s brother) and his wife Carmen. He is not flying due to health problems. But whenever he has the opportunity, he comes to visit us. Much appreciated 🙏.

We finish the activity at about 1 PM, to start preparing equipment for the weekend.


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