Saturday, March 05, 2022 – The 2 Stories Day…

Today was a day in which two different stories ran together at different spots. Each with their personal challenges and achievements.

Lajas Valley…

Luis Ruiz met at sunrise with Edgardo Rivera, his wife Wilnelia, and Omar Colon to fly the Lajas Valley, in zero wind conditions. The idea of flying up the mist is always striking, unique and special 🙏.

Omar arrived late and could not make his flight. But the one who managed to take off this time was Edgardo, who managed to take off for the first time in zero wind in the demanding launch area in Lajas. Edgardo had several previous visits where he could not Take Off in those conditions and this time he succeeded. Continuing his progress and mastery in the sport 💪. Here we leave the videos of his departure and that of Edgardo, flying and enjoying the surroundings of the Lajas Valley.

Edgardo’s Take Off.
His happiness, “No Words”…

Luis Ruiz seconded him, and also went out to fly with Edgardo. Both dedicated themselves to flying low and over the roads of the adjacent farms. They always showed us one or another surprise.

Instructor Luis Ruiz Taking Off. Cero Wind.

👉🏾Edgardo following Luis in the Paths of the Fields👈🏾

Landing Moment.

After this, Edgardo, Wilnelia and Omar visited “La Guancha” in Ponce, to see the possibility of flights. But there was no chance. Winds were easily at over 25 mph+ 🧐.

Parawaiting… But Good Time!!!

Villa Pesquera Isabela…

David Garber, had stayed with his wife Amara with the task of making some Demo Flights for Jackie Bermudez and her husband. Both “Influencers” of social networks and that during their visit to Isabela, a stop to enjoy their experiences in the Paramotor with Team Kamikazes could not be missing 😇.

Accompanying David and Amara were also students Ben Doyle, Keith Gould, Mario Muñiz along with his wife Ivonne. The wind was strong, as predicted, and both kept practicing with the paragliders. While David, assisted by Amara, performed the two Demo flights.

Jackie Bermudez Experience!!!!

Once the flights have been made. Surprisingly and unplanned, it was coordinated that Ivonne, Mario’s wife, fly up with David. For us in the Team is well known, Ivonne’s phobia of heights, and even so she supports her husband in sports 100% 💪. The Emotions were high at the time of his landing. Surely, this flight will be unforgettable for her. And that’s it all about, thank God 🙏.

Ivonne Valdez Unforgettable Experience. God Bless!!!

The next days don’t look too good for flying. The wind does not want to lose intensity. We will keep you update. Blessings 🙏!!!


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