Thursday, March 10, 2022 – Crystal Rivera Story…

As has been the tendency throughout the month of March. It was necessary to take advantage of the morning since in the afternoon the conditions become windy. And this time was not the exception.

Today we had a special mission. The flight of the daughter of the pilot Kamikaze Edgardo Rivera. Her name is Crystal, and she is visiting the island and her father for a few days. She has always admired her father’s efforts and adventures, so she had to try the Fly experience, yes or yes 😉…

The challenge is that Crystal has some physical limitations and being able to run was not an option. So to make this flight the direct assistance of his father Edgardo was necessary.

After the instructions and preparations, and with the assistance of Edgardo we were able to make Crystal‘s flight, who will surely remember this moment forever 💪!!!

Crystal Flying Experience. Video by Edgardo!!!

Not only did Crystal fly, but Blanca had gotten to fly, on the recommendation of her friend Keysha Febres, who in the past had experienced the Fly with Luis. Blanca enjoy her fly, this time with the Pilot/Instructor David Garber.

In the meantime, Pilot Ben Doyle was also present and making some flights in the morning hours. And for the record, Sammy Badillo, and possible student Lisa Victoria also arrived, but late since the winds increased the intensity after 11 AM.

Here we also present Luis Ruiz Taking Off to fly a new 18-meter BGD Luna2 paraglider, which has excellent performance, and as he indicated, has features and enjoyment when flying similar to his other favorite, the Apco F1.

BGD Luna2 18 meters in 20 mph winds.


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