Thursday, September 22, 2022 – Back in business after Hurricane Fiona.

After Hurricane Fiona passed through the island, we began to recover. This was the first activity, and we did it with excellent flight conditions.

Being a weekday, and all the people working on their respective agendas to return to normality, the only ones present in Isabela were Luis Ruiz, Alberto Sabah and Paul Whitmore.

Luis Ruiz, traveled “light”. He used a normal sedan car (instead of his traditional F250 Pickup), and inside it he had everything he needed to fly. The completely detachable SkyMax Pulsar Paramotor, together with paragliders both to fly alone, and to give Demo Flights if necessary.

Luis arriving at Isabela. Back in Action..

Luis, Alberto and Paul flew out the coast during the morning. At around noon the winds began to increase in intensity and with that we went to our respective homes to continue with the recovery from the Hurricane 💪.


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