Thursday, December 06, 2018

We returned again early to the Southwest of Puerto Rico. This time we went to the grounds of Don José Sánchez and his son Damian, pilots of the Kamikazes Team. This locates in PR116 in Lajas. The conditions were the same as yesterday, although with a little less fog. There is no wind and the takeoff race is strong. We need to earn our flights.💪💪 Luis was the first to launch at about 7 AM, and Damian followed shortly after. Another who said present, was José Jr., brother of Damian, who is ready to resume his classes in the process of accompanying us soon on flights. Luis took the route to PR2 this time in the direction of the town of Sabana Grande, before returning and starting to fly all over PR116. While Damian, was more oriented towards the town of Guanica. By 8:30 AM they were already landed. The idea after landing, is to visit an area of ​​possible launch in Barrio Salinas of Lajas.  This is located about 10 minutes from where we were. This is an area of ​​fairly clear sand for takeoffs and landings. Luis flew there testing  how it felt. Probably flights in the direction of “La Parguera” could become more comfortable in the future. But, Luis found turbulence associated with nearby mountains, so the place, although good, will have its days for better flights. We will inform of future plans in the area.
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