Saturday, December 08, 2018

The official activity of Team Kamikazes for this day was suspended due to weather conditions. Instead, we advice the Kamikaze pilots for those who could arrive early at the Lajas Valley to fly in the fog. This is something very hard for many pilots who live far away but, for those who could, it was worth it to be able to fly enjoying such a show. We meet in the lands of José Sánchez and his sons in the Lajas Valley. This is located at PR116 Km 8.6. Not everyone who said they would arrive, appear, but there was a good Quorum of pilots anyway. Pilots presents :
  • Carlos Candido and his son CC Jr from Cayey.
  • Alex Diaz from Bayamon.
  • Luis Ruiz from Aguada.
  • Chey Sánchez and Berto García from Anasco.
  • New student, Jorge Ríos, traveled from Bayamon.
  • The hosts Damian Sánchez and his brother José Sánchez Jr.
At 6:30 AM they were all preparing the equipment. There was no wind, so everyone knew that you had to run if you wanted to fly. This apart from the fog that covered the entire valley. Berto was the first to successfully launch. The race was strong and long, after this Luis and Damian managed to launch. While the others were delayed in leaving, the 3 pilots took the opportunity to visit “La Parguera”, part of Guanica and even reached the PR2 of Sabana Grande. Everyone took very good videos of their flights and in that foggy landscape, much more. A little later, Luis landed to support the pilots who were still on ground.  Chey managed to get out after a couple of failed attempts. And then, José Jr. expresses to Luis that he wants to try the flight with his father’s equipment. Luis looks at him astonished but backs him up. And after a while José Jr. arrived with the equipment. During last month, José Jr. had been practicing with his brother and father. Last week, Luis visited the place and Jose Jr. gets back on training again. So,  he had the right attitude to try, so why not … After the instructions and briefing, José Jr. LAUNCH SUCCESSFULLY to fly for the first time in paramotor. After surviving the first reactions of the launch, where he did not believe that he was flying. He Stabilized the paramotor and went for a fly in the valley for half an hour. His landing was acceptable and both José Jr. and his brother were very excited about the adventure. We hope this fly will be the first of many. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We left Lajas Valley. And still the pilots wants to fly. Also, Jorge will start his training in the sport. He has experience as a skydiver, so, we expect to have him soon in the air. We decided to went to Rancho Grande of Anasco. Luis took the opportunity to deliver some paramotor parts to CC, then they was installed by Chey and CC Jr. when we arrive to Anasco. We started the theoretical training of Jorge and Alex was kiting his paraglider. The weather was bad and some heavy rain made us stop our practices. Once the rain finished, the weather stabilized and we began to receive the traditional wind from the West that always reaches that area. So, the practices of Alex and Jorge were much better. In turn, CC and CC Jr. took the opportunity to fly together in the surroundings. Berto on the other hand had taken his son Michael to the area. Michael kite his paraglider and also helped the pilots in their practices. A rain came around 4 PM and with this we finished the day’s activities. Not bad for a day that did not promise much, and we had a new student and a new pilot in the air.🙄🙄💪💪
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