Friday, December 28, 2018

Today Evan Purdy return to the United States. Patrick, Evan and Luis, left early in the morning to the lands of Freddy Rental in Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, with the idea of find a place to fly and practice. Again, as expected, we have excellent flight conditions. Light winds were the norm until 9 AM.

Evan prepared his equipment and this time he took to flying, the paraglider BGD Luna of Luis. Luis decided not to fly to dedicate himself to Patrick’s lessons. As we mentioned before, he turned out to have good ability and after some attempts he already successfully made several front launches with the paraglider. Evan flew around the area that included the town of Boquerón, the Beach, and up to the Sierra Bermeja where he got some turbulence on the other side of the mountain. We was very pleased with Luis paraglider. At around 9:30 AM the wind began to rise in intensity and we took advantage of it to practice the reverse inflation of Patrick.

We had to take Evan to the airport in Aguadilla, so we left the place at 10 AM. Evan was very happy with his experiences these days and promised to return soon. In our stop for breakfast, we met there with the Kamikazes pilot Elemaniel Pagan who is on vacation with his family. He indicated that by 2019 he return with new energy, we hope he find the time to join us.

In the afternoon Luis Ruiz met with Patrick to continue the lessons, this time at his house in Aguada. The subject was the paramotors, which Patrick was testing, checking their characteristics, weighs and power. We also took the opportunity to resume the theoretical course to Patrick using the guide of the USPPA. We cover all the pertinent topics in different themes. The weather is still too windy to go to practice in the field. But anyway, we cover some necessary themes in the day.

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