Thursday, December 27, 2018

3rd day of flights of Evan Purdy in Puerto Rico. We have been very active days despite the fact that the weather conditions have not cooperated. Today the weather was not good either. We returned to the Sanchez family lands in Lajas. We met early in the morning the Kamikazes pilots, Luis Ruiz, Evan Purdy and the brothers Joselito and Damian Sánchez.

This time Luis and Evan had coordinated to fly out of Lajas, go up to “La Parguera” and from there fly by the Federal Balloon side until arriving in that direction to Playa Sucia and the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. From there we would cross over the Sierra Bermeja to fly back over the Valley, from Cabo Rojo to Lajas. While this was happening, the Sánchez brothers were flying in the direction of Lajas to Guanica.

When Evan launch, he left in the direction of “La Parguera” and did not look back, by the time Luis took off, he could not see Evan on the horizon. The paragliders that both are using are quite fast and a few minutes become miles away (Apco NRG PRO 18.5 and BGD Luna 22). Luis took the route between the mountains of La Parguera that take him very close to the Federal Balloon. By the time he was passing through the area he found strong turbulence or heavy winds in the sector, so he decided to open his route to the Central Valley and meet Evan in Boquerón. Evan had gone all along the shore of the beach avoiding the mountains for a more pleasant flight.

In the end, although they did not meet in the air, both made the route. The images and videos of Evan passing through the area of ​​the Lighthouse and Playa Sucia, were simply spectacular. Joselito on the other hand continues showing his great ability in his flights and with his recent executions he has just climbed to two stars in his level of flights. Congratulations!!!

A curious fact of today’s flight is that the immersion of the climate was greatly felt. That is, to feel a layer of cold air at levels lower than 200 ft. And at that height, upward, to feel a layer of heat that did not mix with the cold. In both areas the flight was very stable, although the turbulence was very felt at the intersection of both. Nature and its things …

But there was still more in the day. It turns out that today arrived the new student of the Kamikazes Team, Patrick Wendt, direct from Michigan, USA. We met at 1 PM in Aguada. We coordinated to go to Rancho Grande of Anasco to practice and start the theoretical course. Evan accompanied us, aware that if the winds turned west, he would fly. But it did not happen that way … The high pressure system is very well positioned and strong throughout the Caribbean. The intensity of winds was about 25 mph with gusts of 30 mph!.

Even so, we took advantage of the time, talked a lot about the sport and its different facets and even practiced some kite with a small paraglider. Evan is seen to have very good ability. So we hope to have him flying alone in the next days. At night we went dinner together, to finish a hard day of adventures. Tomorrow we will be active from very early in the morning. Stay Tuned…🙄😜

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