Saturday, March 16, 2019

The morning started very windy. So the activity of Kamikazes Team planned for Villa Pesquera Isabela, was postponed for tomorrow. The forecast looks way better.

The Instructor Luis Ruiz, however, had to get to Isabela, since the new student Thaddeus Gala, had left very early from Humacao to Isabela and was already there by 8:30 AM. So, we proceeded to continue the classes of Thaddeus.

This time we took the opportunity to test the new small paraglider, BGD Seed of 14 meters. It looks and feel great in strong wind conditions. Both Thaddeus and Luis were testing it in conditions of winds higher than 20 mph. Also Thaddeus had the opportunity to test some paramotors in his back to feel the pressure from it.

At about 10:30 AM we stopped the activity with the idea of ​​return tomorrow in better conditions.

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