Friday, June 28, 2019

Day 04 of Puerto Rico Fly In …

For the intense of these past days, Ernest and London decided to take a break in the morning. They have been several days of many flights and adventure and these have begun to take their toll. However, Luis Ruiz met very early with Deron Freeman and Carla in the “Poza de Teodoro” in Isabela. Deron, unlike Ernest and London, is fresh, ready to begin his adventures.

When we got to Isabela, the winds were good, and we calculated that we would have a flight window of an hour and a half before it got windy. Things were not so easy. The paramotor of Deron that was mounted p last night was giving some adjustment problems. So,  Luis gave his personal paramotor to Deron so he could take a flight around. And while Deron was flying, Luis was adjusting Deron’s paramotor. He managed to fly the entire area between Villa Pesquera to Jobos Beach, and it was very good for him to get to know better his new paraglider BGD Luna 2.

We left there at 8:30 AM, and after a breakfast and some rest, we went to Rancho Grande in Anasco. There, Esteban Torres was waiting for us. He arrived last night from New York to fly and share with us in Puerto Rico. The Kamikazes pilots Chey Sánchez and Randy Tirado, also Ernest Ely and London Ivey were also arriving. London, did not fly because of problems with his back.

The winds started to come in from the West around 10:45 AM, and from that moment on we were flying relentlessly. At one point, we flew in the direction of Rincón, the pilots Chey, Ernie, Esteban, Luis, Randy and Deron. We arrived near the Municipal Beach of Anasco before turning because the wind was crossing there. On the way back to Anasco, we continue the flight until we reach the area of ​​the Mayaguez Harbor.

Deron, Ernie and Randy were very happy for their first experiences flying the Rincon area. At about 4 PM, we were ready to leave. We picked up early because tomorrow we expect to return and with Full House of pilots and Kamikazes family.💪💪

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