Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Day 02 of London Ivey and Ernest Ely in their flight adventure in Paramotor in Puerto Rico …

This time the roads took us to Villa Pesquera in Isabela. This is one of the favorite flight locations of Team Kamikazes, and we had to take advantage of today. The winds were going to be relatively mild. Later in the week the forecast indicate that it will turn to breezy conditions.

In addition to London Ivey, Ernest Ely, and Luis Ruiz and his wife Jessica, this time we were accompanied by Kamikazes Pablo Cruz his wife Millie, Eduardo Pabon, Robert Rodriguez his wife Elba and Radames “Randy” Tirado.

As expected, the weather was perfect for flying in the morning hours, and all the pilots present went flying. At one point, Ernie, London, Eduardo and Luis went from “Cross” along the coast of Jobos beach and reached the beautiful  Villa Montana. They were flying and enjoying the beauty of those coasts. Later in the day, after some rest, they make a flying route in the direction of the “El Pastillo” Beach in Isabela and the Guajataca Tunnel in Quebradillas.

With the arrival of Randy, we delivered to him his new paraglider Apco Lift EZ R. He was testing it and have great impression of the well balanced it is.

At around 2 PM, the wind started to increase in intensity (15 to 20 mph+). We decided to stop our activities for the day. Randy was flying by that  time with his new paraglider. When he tried to fly back to the area of ​​Villa Pesquera, the strong wind did not let him move forward and he decided to land in “Posa de Teodoro” Beach and called us to be rescue. Eduardo Pabon was in the rescue mission. It was a good decision on his part. For this execution we already given him up to 2 stars in its ranking flight level. Congratulations!!!.

Here some photos of the day…

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