Saturday, August 17, 2019

Today was one of those very special days. This despite the fact that the weather conditions were not good for flying  in 95% of the island. The story began in Loiza, and ended at the “Machos” beach in Ceiba.

We begin by passing list of pilots and friends of Team Kamikazes who gathered in the activity:

Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Chey Sánchez and his wife Arlene
Carlos Cándido Rodríguez, his wife Wilma and children CC Jr. and Fabo
Gregory Santiago and his daughter Keyra Lis
Alex Diaz and his wife Belén
Luis “Tiza” López
Randy Tirado, her sister Jenny and husband Cora
David Silva
Eduardo Pabon
Omar Román
Michael Diaz
Luis Ruiz
Candido Maldonado
José Santini and his wife
Rubén Franco
Juan Carlos Correa

As mentioned previously, the initial meeting place was at the mouth of the river in Loiza. There we arrived in the morning and even took the opportunity to deliver a new paraglider to Juan Carlos, an Apco Lift EZ R. As we arrived, we observed that the intensity of winds was increasing. Luis went flying around, and although it was good at the time. This test flight ended up deciding the balance for us to move to Ceiba. Some rookie pilots may have had trouble flying in Loiza and that was not the idea.

Carlos Cándido, had coordinated with a friend, a local from Loiza, of the name “Pitirre”, so that he prepares a meal for us as part of the day’s activity. Having to move, CC coordinated that Pitirre went to Ceiba to share with us and take the food. We are all very grateful for the management of CC and Pitirre for the delicious food. Thank you!!! 💪.

Once in Ceiba, we run into strong winds. While we settled in the area, CC Jr. had the idea of play with his “Kite Surfing” in winds over 18 mph. The only one to accompany him, but from the air was Luis making use of his Apco NRG PRO 18.5 meter paraglider. But this did not last long. It turns out that the winds were decreasing the intensity, to finally stay all day between 12 to 15 mph entering the East. Ideal to fly our paramotors. So, CC Jr. needed to fold his Kite Surf again 🙂.

Every pilot took advantage of the great weather. At one point we had thirteen pilots in the air at the same time 😲😲. Chey, Gregory, JC, CC, Eduardo, Omar, Pablo, Luis, CC Jr., Michael, David, Randy and Alex.

Some pilots took some challenges in their flights. As, CC Jr. who was testing the fast paragliding NRG PRO, and  Michael testing the BGD Luna. We also had Alex achieving his first flight, after his arrival in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago and Eduardo Pabon as usual demonstrating his high level of flight. CC for its part was dedicated to record either from Earth or on air to all who flew and practiced ✌️…

Speaking of practices, students Rubén and Santini, were taking advantage of the excellent conditions and not only dominated their paragliders, but with the help of Pablo in the “Towing” they were up flying sometimes at over 60 ft high. Both are ready for major challenges.

As for passenger flights, Luis Ruiz took Randy’s family members for a fly. Jenny and Cora were very happy with their experiences. Even Cora is considering venturing into the sport. Stay Tuned … But the most notable events of passenger flights were not in charge of Luis, but of Gregory and CC Jr. It turns out that Gregory at one point took his daughter Keyra Lis with him 😲! Her first experience flying after seeing her father flying for so long. Congratulations!!!!

👉Gregory with Keyra Lis flying!!!!👈

While CC Jr. made his first passenger flight, for that, the pilot Chey Sánchez volunteered and both went flying around. We have to adjust some details in the hanging points for next flights, but the takeoff and landing were excellent. Luis already seems to have help for future Tandem Flights. 💪💪….

At about 4:30 PM we were approached by a cloud that indicated that our flight window was ending. But what a great day we had despite the fact that for other parts of the island they even announced floods with lot of rain and lightning. But more than words…, I hope you enjoy the multiple videos and photos that we include below.

To all who contributed their grain of sand to make this a success. Thank you very much and blessings 🙏.

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