Thursday, August 15, 2019

We meet in the afternoon in Aguada. He wanted to fly and more than that, in a way we said goodbye to Esteban Torres, who leaves this Saturday back to New York where he resides.

We arrived at the Pico de Piedra Beach at about 4:30 PM. Present were Chey Sánchez, Randy Tirado, Esteban Torres and Luis Ruiz. (Dimas Ruiz eventually arrived, but preferred to stay in a nearby land instead of the meeting point).
The wind was coming gently from the NW, that meant that we could fly, but in order to fly, we had to run strong in the takeoff and towards the ocean. Luis encouraged others not to delay because the weather conditions would deteriorate. There was not much time left.

Eventually Luis and Esteban went flying in these conditions, while Randy and Chey faced some difficulties. Chey had been helping the other pilots in the take off and somehow cost him his flight 😦.

The flight of Esteban and Luis stayed for a while on the Beach, waiting for the others to take off. When the delays occurred, both went flying in the direction of Rincon and part of the Aguada Coast.

At one point of the flights, as expected, the winds crossed his direction. It started to enter from East and with this Luis and Esteban landed and ended the flight session.

Esteban, was a little sad. He did not want to say goodbye to the island, but he has to take a plane and go to work in New York 😕.

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