Sunday, August 25, 2019

After being yesterday Saturday all day sharing in Luquillo, today we take the turn early to go to Villa Pesquera Isabela. Now it was the turn of the rookie pilots.

Ted Sowinski and Rubén Caro arrived with Luis Ruiz. Ted was looking for his third and fourth flight, while Rubén was looking for his first paramotor flight.It was a pleasant surprise to see Omar Román arrive, who came from Barceloneta to accompany us. There was also the young Ilka Soto, a native of Utuado, who thanks to a friend and former pilot Martín Hernández, had coordinated a paramotor flight with Luis Ruiz. Anyway, for a strong day, after Luquillo, we had quorum and more than that with good weather.

The wind was about 8 mph constant east. We started checking with Ted who prepared everything on its own and went flying without major problems💪! Then we began the process for Ruben’s first fly.  In his first attempt he seat promptly and hurt a paramotor propeller, so, we need to take time to change equipment. In the meantime we corrected and explained to Rubén the procedure to correct this situations.

Among Rubén’s attempts, Luis took Ilka to fly around. It was an excellent flight that covered the entire route from Villa Pesquera, passing through Jobos Beach and turning on Shaks Beach, in Villa Montaña. A journey of 16 miles of total flight. Ilka was very excited about her experience and there are already several of her friends who want to do it🙂.

Once landed, we returned with Ruben. And after the instructions, this time, Rubén flew on his first paramotor flight !!!! He was flying around for about 40 minutes, accompanied in air by Ted and Omar. His landing was also quite good and you can imagine the joy of Ruben, who indicated that this was a dream he had for his entire life. And now at 60 he saw it fulfilled. Congratulations 💪💪💪!!!!

The activity was closed by Ted on a second flight, and every time his flights are getting better. With winds close to 18 mph at noon we close the activity. Again we thank God for all this ❤️.

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