Monday, December 02, 2019

After a week of intense training, today Cameron Bailey finally made his first Paramotor “solo” fly ever… The other student, Spencer Fisher, had already done it yesterday in Ponce. Mission accomplishedπŸ™πŸ’ͺ…

The meeting point was Villa Pesquera Isabela. The wind conditions were excellent and the sky was clear. What we didn’t have in consideration, was the strong swell that affected the entire north coast. This inclusive, made us doubt we would do the activity. The takeoff and part of the flight would be flying over those conditions πŸ™„…

Ted Sowinski, Spencer Fisher and Cameron Bailey, arrived with Luis in the afternoon. Initially we moved to the area known as “La Posa” de Teodoro. There, the waves were the same or worse. Upon returning to Villa Pesquera, Luis made a short flight to see how were the general conditions. Once corroborated that everything was fine, we continued with the activity.

πŸ‘‰Luis Ruiz Showing great skills while landing…πŸ‘ˆ

We coordinated for Spencer to fly for the second time in his young career. After rigorous instructions, Spencer took off elegantly and kept flying for about half an hour before landing. Spencer’s ability in the sports is notable. He feels more and more at ease enjoying the Paramotor sport.

Later it was Cameron’s turn. He had stayed yesterday in Ponce making hard training with the paraglider. An intense day of practice for him, now he feels ready for his first flight.. After the coordination of instruction, paragliding and paramotor check, radios, etc., Cameron was ready to take off.

A few minutes passed when Cameron finally came out with excellent takeoff to go through the skies of Isabela πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ. Spencer celebrated it as if it had been his flight… Both “Pilots” had arrived exactly one week ago, not knowing exactly what they had come to. And after an intense week of practice, both had already managed to make “solo” flights in the paramotor. Hope that this first flights will be the first of many, many more… Congratulations to both of you!!!!.

Already at Sunset, Ted launched. He assisted Luis with the new pilots. Now was his turn to fly and record the amazing waves.Β  We finished the activity after that, and everybody was very happy, and that’s is all about…😁

πŸ‘‰Ted Launching and flying above enormous waves…😲

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