Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Last day of the intensive course of the already pilots Cameron Bailey and Spencer Fisher. This time we went back to La Guancha in Ponce. As expected the flight conditions were very good.

There, Team Kamikazes pilots presents were, Luis Ruiz, Sao Cruz, Ted Sowinski, Cameron and Spencer. Under these conditions, both Cameron and Spencer managed to make two flights each. Each flight with an estimated duration of one hour.

Spencer was using a SkyMax EOS100 paramotor with Apco Lift EZ R paraglider, while Cameron used a SkyMax Moster with Apco Thrust paraglider. Ted, Luis and Sao accompanied them in the air.

As a remarkable event of the day, Luis flew to Cardona Island and not only that, but landed there and toured the surroundings. Here we leave the video of that adventure.


We ended up having dinner in a group, Cameron and Spencer are returning to Washington at dawn, with the promise of returning soon …

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