Saturday, December 07, 2019

We continue with excellent weather, which is typical at this time of year. This time we decided to attend our traditional Villa Pesquera Isabela.

Team Kamikazes pilots and friends presents:

Luis Ruiz, his wife Jessica and son Noah Enrique
Pablo Cruz and his wife Millie
Ricardo González and his wife Ermelinda
Dannis Rodríguez, his friend Miguel and family
José “TNT” Villanueva
Ted Sowinski
Omar Román
Gregory Santiago
Juan Carlos Correa

The sky was clear with winds that ranged from 10 to 15 mph of the ENE basically all day. This was used by TNT to resume their training after having been out of Puerto Rico for a week. Pablo and Ted gets him to fly by the Towing method. We believe that TNT is ready for major challenges. Stay Tuned…

Jose “TNT” Villanueva Kiting…

Meanwhile, Pablo was flying around with the elegance that characterizes him. A little later, Juan Carlos and Gregory arrived. Some moments later, Luis and Omar joined them and coordinated to make a “Cross” fly.

They launched in the direction of Jobos and Villa Montaña. We noticed a lot of public in the area interested in the sport. The pilots were showing elegance in their landing. Upon returning from that flight, Grego and Luis decided to land next to the “Foso de Jacinto” in Jobos to eat some dumplings. Juan Carlos and Omar followed straight to Villa Pesquera.

Omar Roman launching…

Juan Carlos Correa launching…

In the afternoon Dannis joined the flight action. He spent a good time of his flying practicing take-offs and landings. After some practice, he already looks like an expert in the sport. Congratulations!!!

At 1:30 PM, Jessica arrived with food for the Kamikazes family. That’s was greatly appreciated. Beside, Luis spent the afternoon giving paramotor Tandem flights to people interested in it. As was the case with Anthony and his wife Cristina ( from Bayamon), Enid (Miguel’s daughter) and Miguel Nieves, a 215-pound passenger native from Aguadilla.

After this it was time to pick up. Ted , was assisting Luis in all the details. Thank you!

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