Friday, January 03, 2020

We start 2020 at La Guancha in Ponce and we get backs again today. This time with the start training of the student, Mark Grabowski. He lives in New York, but little by little he is moving to our island.

The original meeting point was going to be Rancho Grande Anasco. But the weather was difficult for us. Rains and winds dominated the entire island and where only we had a window to practice was Ponce.

There Luis was accompanied by Sao Cruz, veteran pilot and resident of Ponce. He was helping Luis with Mark’s practices. Mark, turned out that he had previous experience flying paragliding a few years ago and is back to resume the sport, now through the paramotor.

The weather didn’t cooperate much. We had to stop the practices several times due to the arrival of rain and wind. Then it gets clear, we went back to practice, and then rain coming again. We were there until 3 PM when we decided to finish the practices.

Was a good start. Soon we will continue with Mark’s training. Stay Tuned 💪…

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