Thursday, January 02, 2020

The first activity of 2020 is carried out in La Guancha in Ponce. The weather has been very active these days, with rain and strong wind which is very normal for this time of year. But we have achieved good conditions in the South area in the past weeks.

This time upon arrival it took us by surprise that on the pier of La Guancha there was a huge Cruise making a stop (Serenade of the Sea). So we had many tourists in the area. Along with Luis Ruiz were present the pilots Sao Cruz, Ted Sowinski and Gabriel Martínez with his wife Arlene.

Luis, Sao and Gabriel were flying around and even Luis flew very low over the Cruise taking video. Unfortunately, he had problems with his Go Pro camera when he was over the Cruise and the video did not come out as we would have liked.

A little later, Luis made the first Tandem passenger flights of 2020. These corresponded to Javier Cortés and his girlfriend Ricky Prestzer, who were visiting the island from California. Both enjoyed their flights very much.

Luis first passenger 2020, Javier Cortes.

Part of the fly of Javier…

Video sent by Ricky Prestzer with the Cruise at view…

Video sent by Ricky Prestzer

Later in the afternoon also flew Amanda, who was accompanied by her boyfriend Skyler. Other possible passengers, also visiting the island appear in the afternoon. Unfortunately the weather began to deteriorate and at about 3 PM we ended the activity.

It is necessary to mention that in the past days, the entire southern area has been the victim of frequent earthquakes, mostly in the town of Guayanilla. We hope there is nothing to worry about 🙏…

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