Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Last flight day of 2019, and it turned out to be a simply epic one !!! Early in the morning the pilots Ted Sowinski and Luis Ruiz met in the flight area of ​​Freddy Rental, Boquerón, Cabo Rojo.

Already at about 6:30 AM, even in the dark, Ted was set and ready to fly. The idea was to go “cross” in our paramotors to the area of ​​fog that covers the entire Valley from Lajas to the town of Guanica. The only detail was to be able to take off in conditions of zero wind and limited space. Ted had been prepared for that and managed to fly off the first attempt 💪!!! Later Luis went flying and both went flying to Lajas Valley. Ted was using a SkyMax Moster paramotor with Apco Thrust V paraglider, while Luis was leaving on a Parajet Maverick EOS 150 paramotor and Apco Lift EZ R paraglider.

It was a majestic flight, without turbulence and before a spectacular nature. The photos and videos do not do justice to feel that flight entering and leaving the fog. Ted on landing described it better. “The Best Fly Ever so far, this remind me why I choose to fly in a Paramotor.” The flight covered part of Guanica, the entire Lajas Valley and a visit to the Boquerón Village.


Upon landing, the pilot Sao Cruz was waiting for us. The weather conditions were still very good, so we coordinated to go to “La Guancha” in Ponce. His hometown, for the last flight of 2019.

We arrived at “La Guancha” at about 10:30 AM, with Sao, the former student and now pilot, Deron Freeman also accompanied us. He is on vacation in the island escaping the cold winter of Connecticut. During the day, Ted, Sao and Deron made very pleasant flights around the area. In the case of Luis, he wanted to visit Cardona Island (again, https://youtu.be/yAq181LUGic). The island is located about 2 miles away in the open sea South of La Guancha. The weather is good, so, why not?


Luis not only visited the island, but took the opportunity to make a better video of the facilities and including the friends of “Water Land Adventure” operating in the area. Luis did an interview with José González, one of the captains of the boat, as well as interviews of tourists from California and even Czechoslovakia! Also, he had the opportunity to re-enter the Lighthouse and record even inside the light bulb that gives light to nearby ships in the area 😲.

After walk the island, we said goodbye to our new friends and flew back to “La Guancha”. Is about time to pick up equipment because we don’t want to be late at home…

I must mention that the last flight of 2019 corresponded to Deron Freeman, he was the last pilot to land 🙂. I hope that 2020 brings us much health, blessings and prosperity for our family of Team Kamikazes pilots and the sport of paragliding and paramotor on the island 🙏.

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