Saturday, April 18, 2020

I have doubts how to start this history due to all the things that are passing around the world. But one thing is for sure. We need to move, at least a little. As Einstein phrase, “the life is like a bicycle, you need to keep moving to maintain your balance…“.

Without making too much noise, Ted Sowinski, Damian Enrique Sanchez and Luis Ruiz met very early in the morning at Damian’s Place in Lajas. They leave their houses in the dark to be there and ready to fly by 6:15 AM. The night before some rain felt under the Valley, so, as expected, a Misty Clouds cover the entire Valley. That was ideal for our fly, but also the grass was wet and we need to launch in those conditions.

After a ritual preparation for the pilots, everyone of them managed to launch by 6:40 AM. The first one was Ted, followed by Luis and later Damian. In this fly, Luis was testing a Chase Cam with his “Go Pro” that will be recording the fly in a different perspective.

Luis noted, “while flying low in the Valley you don’t feel any wind intensity at all, up in Top of the mountains, closing to Parguera, I witness more than 15 to 20 mph of winds, not turbulence, but kind of magical when you noted that at lower surface there’s no wind at all…”

After an hour of flying around the Valley, La Parguera and the surroundings, everyone landed safely…

With this flights we tried to maintain the correct perspective of how beautiful is Life and how fortunate we are to be here as part of it…

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