Monday, May 25, 2020

Monday, Remembrance Day. With a little more flexibility, we continue practicing our Paramotor sport while maintaining our distances.  And more important enjoying a beautiful climate on the beautiful coast of Isabela.

We had the visit of the pilots and students, Luis Ruiz, Rubén Franco, Nelson Ramos, Alberto Sabah, Fernan Lassalle, Ariel Rodríguez and his wife Wanda. Also Ines Ramos visited us. She is the founder of the Tourism page, “Puerto Rico Travel Buddies”. She came accompanied by her friend and photographer Joshua.

The idea is that Ines would fly with Luis along the entire Isabela coast … After the instructions of rigor, (and a couple of failed attempts due to the little wind prevailing in the morning), the third attempt with a little more breeze was a success.

The flight basically covered the entire coast of Isabela, from the Royal Isabela Golf course, to the beautiful reef of Shaks Beach adjacent to Aguadilla. Ines was very comfortable with her experience …

Ines very happy!!!

After this, Luis was assisting pilots Rubén Franco and Nelson Ramos in their launch. Both had not flown for a long time, Rubén for 3 months, and Nelson had not flown for 3 years and is returning to the sport. While this was happening the most skilled pilots Fernan and Alberto flew around in multiple occasions. In the case of Fernan taking very good photos and videos that we share here, and Alberto perfecting his landings.

Posted by Fernan Lassalle on Monday, May 25, 2020

Fernan coasting in the Paramotor…

At the end of the afternoon, Luis took Ariel on a introductory flight. He is a student who is practically ready to make his first “solo” fly. This time he went out to fly with Luis and had a good time managing the controls in flight. Soon more news from Ariel and his progress …

Part of the Fly of Ariel…

As always we thank God for these opportunities that allow us to live, and more in these difficult times that we are living.

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