Weekend May 30 – 31, 2020

Intense weekend, both Saturday and Sunday and we stayed in the heavenly Isabela !!!!. Again we were fortunate that the weather was in our favor. Gentle winds from the NE were the norm both days. A little stronger on Sunday.

We are happy to note that Puerto Rico is slowly rising from this terrible virus that has affected the entire world. One day at a time, but I think we are doing well. People continue taking care of themselves, and at the same time they have come out to enjoy our beautiful island, its air and beauty 💪.

Several pilots and students of the Team Kamikazes Paramotor Puerto Rico accompanied us these 2 days of activity …

Ariel Rodríguez and his wife Wanda
Alberto Sabah and his wife Mercedes
Gabriel Martínez and his wife Arlene
Alex Diaz
Gregory Santiago
Fernan Lassalle
José “TNT” Villanueva
Rafa Guerrero
Robert Rodriguez

On Saturday, the flight activity was started by Alberto and Alex. Both managed to take off in low wind conditions. Their Paramotor skills have been increasing in these type of conditions. A few months ago they didn’t had a chance to take off in these conditions. Their landings, however, need more work, but it is one thing at a time in each pilot’s progression.

For their part, Fernan and Gregory were leaving in a “Cross” fly towards Guajataca, and not only passed the area but also flew over the mansions that line the coast in the vicinity of the town of Camuy. Later they were accompanied in the air by Luis, Gabriel and Robert.



Both Gabriel and Robert had not been flying since this Pandemic virus started, and here they were spreading their wings again. Ariel and TNT practiced hard with the paragliding inflation on the way to fly with the other pilots.

Luis for his part on one of the flights, had an unexpected problem with one of his Paramotors, apparently the spark plug (to be verified during the week) …, and he had to land a few miles away from Villa Pesquera. Adjustments to the engine and subsequent takeoffs brought him closer, but he finally decided to land near the Villas de Mar Hau. There, Ariel and Wanda went in their pick up to rescue him.

Back at Villa Pesquera, several possible students, wanting to Live the Experience, were waiting for him, so he prepared other Paramotor and set the flights. Mary, a resident of the Metro area and Arylis from Guanica, took their experience to fly like a bird… Both were very happy with their experiences.


On Sunday, it was more of relaxation, Luis arrived and was accompanied by Ariel and Wanda and a little later Alberto and Mercedes joined. Luis made two introductory flights, to husbands Kenneth and Reylis who were traveling from the Metro area. Both enjoyed their experiences that took them to Jobos and Shaks Beach. Here we present a nice video prepared by Reylis of his experience…💪

As always we thank God for all these opportunities that allow us to live …🙏

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