Sunday, September 27, 2020

The pleasant climate continues to practice our Paramotor sport and we took advantage of it and went to Isabela. This time we decided to change our traditional meeting point in Villa Pesquera for the Posa de Teodoro (entering at kilometer 12.8 in the direction of the beach).

La Posa de Teodoro also has ideal flight conditions and even a little more tourism due to the beauty of its area. The only drawback is that you have to leave the cars a little further from the shore and load the equipment on your back. But after that, the site is just ideal.

The idea was to continue with the training of students and take them to fly. Ian Darrell also continued his training in these matters.

Present were Luis Ruiz, Ian Darrell, student Sammy Badillo, and possible students Maritza and her family from Florida, Margarita and Mailyn from the Metro area and Kelvin Rivera, possible student from the town of Aguada.

We picked up at 1:30 PM when the weather was starting to deteriorate a bit. Here we leave some photos of the activity.

The Video…
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