Sunday, October 04, 2020

Stormy day for the whole island. The Plans were made yesterday, to be in Isabela early today, but things were not looking good …

Several of the pilots / students decided to arrive, and it turned out that although somewhat difficult, at least we had a good window of about 3 hours to fly and practice.

The Team Kamikazes pilots, Alberto Sabah, Danis Rodríguez and Luis Ruiz arrived along with the students Sammy Badillo and beginning their training, Dave Hargett, a native of California, who arrived accompanied by his wife Marilia and their little daughter.

The idea was to try Sammy’s first “solo” flight, but today just wasn’t the day. He just keep practicing with a paraglider. This time with the sporty Apco NRG PRO. In the meantime, Luis was assisting Dave in the beginning of his training. While Danis was flying and in direct communication with Alberto, who had doubts about the landing process, and Danis was there, setting the example repeatedly, before Alberto tried.

By the time it was Alberto’s turn to go flying, the flight window closed. The threatening clouds that were north of us finally arrived and with them the winds reached an intensity of 30 mph !!!, which ended the activity.

There will be better days, and the little we could practice today was done very well.

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